July 24 - 26, 2015

Speedgoat 50k/short course 28k

Entry 1 Snowbird Rd

Snowbird Resort, UT Vertical Mile, Quadbanger, 50K

This Event Took Place Sun. Jul 26, 2015


The Speedgoat 50k and Speedgoat "short course" DID HAPPEN in 2020, even with the pandemic, so we expect to have the race again in 2021. If for some reason the race will not happen, anyone currently entered will have the option to run the race 1X in the following two years, 2022,2023. At this point, (Nov 12) we can expect to have some covid-19 restriction. Hopefully this is not the case, but we all know it's uncertain at this time. The 50k race will cap at 400 runners, the "short course 28k" will cap at 300 runners. If Covid restrictions are in place, cutoff times will be adjusted, but unlike last year, expect the race to start earlier than normal so all runners are finished before darkness. (Last year we barely made it) Train hard, it's a tough course


Don't be "that guy" that asks me to get in the race AFTER registration closes. I'm gonna say no.

A waitlist will begin once both fields are full. Total capacity is 700 runners

Speedgoat 50k and 28k "short course"

This 50k race consists of 11,800 of total climbing.  The race is all above 7600', wth the majority above 9200'.  This the most technical race east and west of Snowbird Ski Resort.  Rocky, Rooty, snowy, very steep hills, even steeper descents, all over nasty, wet rocky terrain.  If you like a fast 50k or fast 28k, this race is NOT for you.  Needless to say, there is nothing easy about it.  Please train adequately for this event. We do not do refunds, so stay healthy and prepare for a fine run through the wildflowers, and one nasty creekbed or two. More pertinent info can be found at www.karlmeltzer.com/speedgoat-50k/. Our 28k "Short Course"race will follow the same route as the 50k to aid station 1 at Hidden Peak, then branch off and return to the start finish line from the Tunnel Aid Station. Due to the Gumboo, start times "might" begin at 5am thru 7am for both races.

Other information

Can be found at www.karlmeltzer.com/speedgoat-50k

Local time: 7:29 PM


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