Saturday, Aug 29, 2015 @ 7:00 AM


Lock Haven, PA 26 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 29, 2015

What is the Megatransect?

The Megatransect is a 26+ mile/hike and trail run event staged in Central Pennsylvania . The course is designed to challenge any trained or seasoned athlete. The recreational hiker or trail runner not looking to set any blistering personal records for the distance can also enjoy it equally. It is an event that focuses on the safety and needs of all entrants. Preparing is the key to success and even that is not guaranteed. Racing the course is not the objective, finishing strong is!

The outstandingly beautiful course offers unique geologic features, such as an unrelenting boulder field of white Tuscarora sandstone. Cliffs line a scenic gorge to heights of 300 feet that sink from the Chestnut flat plateau. Trails run along miles of streams and brooks with multiple stream crossings and small waterfalls. Competitors will be subjected to unrelenting climbs and downhills with total vertical gains over 5000 feet. Footing varies from soft peat to gravel to boulders as well as smooth stream stones and shallow water crossings. While most of the course is under the canopy of mature forest, some sections orient under the hot sun. This is especially true in the slow going boulder field sections. Each year the course changes so that no two Megatransects are the same.

The Megatransect planning committee is comprised of well-traveled hikers, avid trail runners and marathoners. Their varied experiences and dedication to the Megatransect has resulted in one largest trail events in the United States! It has been so successful that we are now limiting registrations to the first 1000 entrants. Historical it sells out on opening day. The course is designed to cycle moderate to very difficult terrain with easier sections for recovery. It by no means designed for speed but instead to be more technical in nature. The course is well supported with a small army of volunteers to provide basic needs as well as emergency help and evacuation if needed. The race boasts a fantastic safety record and a high finishing percentage.

Message from the RD

The Megatransect is a formidable trail event. It requires a genuine dedication to training for months leading up to the day of the challenge. No man made obstacles.... just a beautiful course through rugged terrain that is technically difficult, and sometimes naturally dangerous. Entering its 13th year, the Megatransect will continue to reward those who commit themselves to training and punish those who do not. Consider your willingness to prepare for this event before you sign-up. Registration opens 12 noon EST on Jan 3rd 2015! Expect a fast sell-out. No refunds, no exchanges, no bandits, and no selling of spots.

Event's current local time: 8:59 AM ET


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