Sunday, Mar 20, 2016
This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 20, 2016

5th Baja Trail 50km /80km Ultramarathons and 30km Race

This event will take place on Rancho Casian, located east of the city of Tijuana, on March 17th, 2018. Starting at 6:00 a.m. for the 80k Ultramarathon, 6:30 a.m. for the 50km ultramarathon and 7:00 a. m. for the 30k race.

El 5to Ultramaratón Baja Trail 50/80km y la carrera de 30k se llevarán a cabo en el Rancho Casián ubicado al Este de la ciudad de Tijuana, el día 17 de Marzo del 2018, el inicio será a la 6:00 am para el Ultramaratón 80k, 6:30 am para la distancia de 50k y a las 7:00 am para la carrera de 30k.


For security reasons, all the runners who pretend to do 80k/50 miles must show evidence of a previous race (at least 50k).

If you're planning to do 80k, you must add proof of a race finished between March 19 2017 and March 17 2018 (at least 50k). Please attach a link where this evidence can be found.

We will put your name on the waiting list while the race committee is validating your proof of previous race. Once this happens, your registration will proceed and you'll have 5 business days to complete registration.

No previous race is required for 50k & 30k distances.

Local time: 8:17 PM


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