Sunday, Oct 1, 2017

Heart of Cool Trail Run

860 Cave Valley Rd.

Cool, CA 1/2 Marathon, 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 1, 2017

Reason for the Event

Our goal is to raise awareness for heart health and provide a scholarship to Camp Taylor, a camp for children with heart disease. Additionally, funds support heart healthy practices at Northside STEAM School through our school garden program. Proceeds will also support programs at Northside such as music, art and enrichment days, among others.

To reduce waste and the possibility of littering our trails, this will be a cup free event. Be sure to bring a cup or water bottle that can be refilled at aid stations.

Camp Taylor
Northside STEAM School

Family Package

This year we are offering a family package deal for a combination of 5k and 10k distances. If you purchase this, register yourself, then email to the names, birthdays and event each other family member will be participating in and I will manually register.


This is a family friendly event! You can enjoy the trail with your family. If you decide you want to participate in the event kid free, take advantage of our $5 per child childcare!

This event is also great if you are interested in racing! Come run a lot of the same trail many longer distance races use including Western States, FLUT, Way Too Cool and many more!

We heard your recommendations and the 5k and 10k will start in opposite directions. The 5k heads toward Cool and have an aid station at mile 1.2 before looping back to Northside. I thought this would be a fun opportunity for the kiddos to experience an aid station during their event.

The 10k starts in the opposite direction and does a 5k loop toward Pilot Hill first, has an aid station at NS then does the 5k course loop.

The half marathon course heads out to Cool and goes down the scenic, 3 mile stretch of Western States down to No Hands Bridge. Then, you begin your ascent back up to Cool via Training Hill (AKA K2), 1000 feet climb in 0.9 mile. After reaching the top of K2, the rest of the course is relatively flat with small rolling hills and a mix of single and wider track. A lot of the second half of the course is out in the open so if it is hot, be sure to plan accordingly. No bikes or pets. Participants with baby strollers/joggers are requested to start in the back.

Aid stations will be fully stocked with Clif gels and bars, water and electrolye drink as well as other foods that you typically see at an ultra: M & M's, chips, potatoes, fruit, etc.

About Us

When you tell people you live in a town called Cool, you always get a response about the name. “That's really it's name? Wow, that is so cool!” If they know where it's located, they may question, “How do you deal with driving that canyon every day?” We get used to it. And some of the 4000 or so of us who live in Cool, also work here! Most of us agree upon how fortunate we are to be part of this small, unique community. It's located in the beautiful Northern California foothills, surrounded by two forks of the American River. The heart of Cool boasts stunning views, encompassing miles of open land, river and trails that can take you all the way to Sacramento and Tahoe right from our backyard. But more importantly, it is also home to a close-knit community containing our jewel, the one-of-a-kind Northside School.

Whether resident or first time visitor to Cool, taking the descent on southbound Hwy 49 into the American River Canyon is guaranteed to leave an impression. The 6-mile journey will leave you breathless with the beauty and maybe white-knuckled on the steering wheel as you wind along the edges of the canyon, and cross the confluence where the North and Middle Forks of the American River meet. As you reach the ascent, you arrive at your destination of Cool. This canyon, the river, and the hundreds of miles of California trails connected to it’s surrounding areas, are at the heart of Cool.

Living in a small community, where everyone is linked somehow has its tradeoffs but are outweighed by the benefits. As a parent, you are grateful your children don’t go unnoticed and mostly everything is brought to your attention. As a child, you are grateful to have so many caring people involved and helping you figure out this thing called growing up. Northside STEAM School is like a family. People have their differences but work together, and always have the best interest for the children, our future generation. For all these reasons, community and Northside STEAM School play a significant role to the heart of Cool.

Cool, CA, population 3,972 according to 2014 census, really does exist. Offering an abundance of outdoor activities which use the river, trails and land, one will often be in awe of just how special of a place Cool really is. Northside STEAM School would like to share just a little piece of the amazing beauty with everyone who wants to join and host the First Annual The Heart of Cool Trail Run on the first Sunday of October. Bring your hiking or running shoes, smiles and excitement to be exploring new or familiar trails, and support the students at Northside, as well as children with heart disease to attend Camp Taylor. The event would not be possible without you and we can’t wait to share it with you!!

Local time: 6:44 PM

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