Saturday, Oct 7, 2017

Tesla Hertz Run


Rocky Point, NY 100 Miler, 100K, 50 Miler, 50K, 10 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 7, 2017

Tenth Running of...

2022 is going to be our 10th year running this event and we wanted to do something fun. So we've added a 150 mile option! This will be the only year you'll get to do it!
Start times are listed to the right for each event .. this year's cut off will be Monday 10/10 at Noon.

ALL distances will have the same cut off , yes you have until Monday at noon to run a 50k, 50m, 100k, 100m, or this year... a 150 miles.

Night Time 10

Wanted to try something new this year. We'll be having a Saturday Night 10 miler. Race will start at Saturday night 8pm. You are required to have a headlamp. This is a perfect opportunity to test out some night running, if you've never done it. Or get your night time trail fix without running all day before hand!


The course is set in a really beautiful piece of Long Island. Mainly in the pine barren area, a 10.48 mile loop has so little outside world interaction with it, you almost feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, just you and the trail.

Aid Stations

There are two Aid Stations - One is the start finish, named North Country. The other is at just over 5.5 miles in named Whiskey Girl. You'll be treated with amazing volunteers and some great food at both. We typically like to have Skratch at our events for a drink. Everything else varies pretty often. There will be the normal ultra running staples, like PB&J, pretzels, chips, some candy and fruit... and of course broth and perogies, but as the day goes on we'll bring in some other things like pizza and burgers, even been known to find some hot dogs ... we do take request and are happy to try to accommodate all as best we can.

a word on drop downs

You have until the moment your race goes off to change intended distance. Once you start your race, that is the distance you must complete in order to get anything other than a DNF. Course is very well supported and with such generous course cut offs, you can do it! We have been known to find volunteers to pace folx for anywhere from half a loop to even three whole loops (30+ miles) there's nothing stopping you from completing it.. but you.


Please let us know if you plan on having a pacer. While we don't charge for pacers, they do take up some food and water, so we need to plan accordingly. Pacers are allowed to start with you around dark. So if you finish a loop an hour before sunset, you can take your pacer, because it's likely that you'll finish that next loop, in the dark.
Crews are allowed at both AS, but depending on local rules, our permit , and the amount of folx registered, we may put some restrictions on which distances can have a crew at whiskey girl.


Typically we don't refund entry fees. While we understand things change, we do have a pretty generous roll over or transfer policy to any of our other events. If you absolutely need the refund and cannot run another of our events in the future, please email us and we'll work with you as best we can.

Local time: 8:39 AM


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