Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

Skyline Shuffle

798 N 1415 Rd.

Clinton Lake, KS 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. May 6, 2017

Event Postponed

This event has been postponed from May 03, 2020 to Jul 12, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Updated 06/29

We have been given the green light, and will be holding the event on July 12th! To keep you all safe, we'll be doing the following:

-Masks will be available for runners and volunteers for areas where social distancing cannot easily be achieved.
-The race is a smaller one, so spreading out at the start won't be a problem. If you would prefer, I will allow people to start up to half an hour late so you don't have to line up in the start with everyone else.
-All food and drinks at the finish are prepackaged.
-There won't be an awards ceremony-the top runners will be given their awards as they cross, and the prediction run winner will be notified after all runners are in.

Thanks, and i hope to see you on the 12th! Stay safe!

Lawrence Trail Hawks Skyline Shuffle 5k

This course features a winding path to the crest of bunker hill and a beautiful morning view of a spring sunrise over Clinton lake. A jaunt through the woods includes a chance to get your feet wet. After emerging from the trees you once again summit Bunker Hill, keeping your eyes open for Sky Clintie. After bounding down Bunker hill with the finish line in sight, your journey is complete and the celebration may begin. Snacks at the finish, awards for first three male and female finishers, and finisher's medals for all runners. Hope to see you there!

Time Prediction Award!

Not in the running for a first place finish? Not a problem! As we did last year, we will be giving out a “Time Prediction” award. This is an optional completion to see not who can run the fastest, but who has the most precision pacing prowess. Guess your time for the race and let me know by May 5th. Whomever runs closest to their predicted time wins! Interested? Here’s the details:

1) Anyone registered online for the Skyline Shuffle, or anyone who registers at packet pickup, may choose to go for the prediction award. There’s no extra cost, and nothing special you need to do during registration.

2) Email me (or tell me at packet pickup) your prediction for what time you will run the Skyline Shuffle in. I need to have the times in by May 5th-race day is too chaotic to be collecting predictions!

3) (Here’s the important one)-if you are going for the prediction run, you cannot run with a watch or electronic device capable of keeping track of time! After all, it’s not much of a feat of precision pacing prowess if your Garmin is keeping track for you. (Remember-the time prediction is optional-if you want to run the race with your phone/mp3 player/GPS/microwave, we’d love to have you, and you’re still eligible for the top three fastest men/women awards).

4) We’ll have the timer set up in a way so runners can see it as they cross the finish, but not sooner. (Hopefully. I need to think about how that’ll work.)

5) Whoever guesses closest to their actual time wins the prediction award. If two runners tie (e.g., two people each manage to be, say, three seconds off their predictions), the award will go to whoever was closest on a percentage basis (that is, the slower runner), though if that happens I’ll make a second award and get it to the other runner as soon as possible :).

The Legend of Sky-Clintie by: Gary Henry

Just in case you never heard the legend of Sky-Clintie, the official mascot of the Skyline Shuffle 5K Trail Race:

Back in the old Paleozoic days, when all of Kansas was a shallow inland sea, the skies above what is now Clinton Lake were filled with pterodactyls. It is said that a mutant descendant of these creatures still nests within Bunker Hill, emerging to hunt sometimes, from a secret exit in the ruins of the old school house. They call her "Sky-Clintie."

Local time: 3:01 PM


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