Saturday, Apr 7, 2018

The Dirty Kiln Trail Race and Half-Marathon

Canoe Creek State Park

Hollidaysburg, PA 1/2 Marathon, 5 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 7, 2018


Registration for 2019 will open October 1st 2018! The eigth annual “Dirty Kiln Trail Races at Canoe Creek State Park” brought to you by Allegheny Trailrunners, Inc. will be Saturday, April 6th, 2019! Trail runners will have first run around near the edge of Canoe Creek State Park. Then the half-marathon course will go around the park a second time but on a more hilly and challenging half-marathon course! Both courses have a lot of variety of trails from wide paths, winding singletrack, stream crossings and mud… lots of mud.


Course maps, descriptions, photos and more are on the website -

The Course

Since we are in our eigth year, we will do what ever it takes to make the event fresh. The following description of the previous course.

The First Loop Around the Lake (5 mile)
Runners will start in the ball field in a long mass start before heading down a slight hill toward the lake. You will cross a paved service road and then onto Limestone Trail past the Blair Limestone Company Kilns on your right and onto Moore’s Hill Trail which circles the hill before climbing to the top and then down the other side. At the bottom, you will pass the remains of another kiln on your right and the first stream crossing and onto Beaverdam Trail back to the lake to a boat mooring area near Pavilion #3 and a water stop.
After the mooring area, it is single-track to the breast of Brumbaugh Dam. The trail then hugs the shoreline with lots of rolly-polly up and downs until you make it near the spillway, up a grassy service road up a hill, and second stream crossing. The last half mile is a service road past the spillway, and past the main park grounds and to the 5-mile finish.

FOR HALF MARATHONERS: After passing the 5 mile mark with the other runners, continue past the 5-mile finish. Instead of bearing right toward The Limestone Kilns, runners will run up the hill to the left called Smith Hillside Trail, along the edge, then back to Limestone Trail but running opposite direction you did on the first loop. Next, you will take a sharp left onto a nice limestone grade up to Hartman Trail as it climbs up above the quarry cliffs to the top. Runners will reach a four-way intersection – continue straight down the hill toward a water tower, and back up the top of the hill to The Horse’s Back. The trail will drop down the spine of the hill back to rear of the Limestone Kilns. Behind the kilns, you make a left and uphill to another climb, then down, then back up, down and back up again Moore’s Hill until the final downhill on the backside of Moore's Hill to the first stream crossing you made on the first loop. Follow the same course you did around the lake past the breast of the dam and the stream crossing. (4 stream crossings for half marathoners). Before the finish, runners will make a left past the wastewater plant instead of going straight. From here you will zigzag along a few of the horse trails before reaching the finish.

Allegheny Trailrunners Point Series presented by Michelob Ultra

Allegheny Trailrunners Point Series presented by Michelob Ultra!

How it works: Entering in our races automatically enters you in our Point Series challenge. You accumulate points over our two races; Dirty Kiln and Rock N’ The Knob. The point system rewards on consistency and not just on a stellar race performance on just one or two races. (No “sandbagging” on one race since you did well on two!) And you don’t have to win any of the races to become the season champion or run just our longer races to be champion.

How the points work: Performance X Race Distance + Attendance = Points.

There is a male and female division. The first 20 places are awarded a point in descending order. 1st place person gets 20 points, 2nd place person gets 19 points, 3rd gets 18, etc.. Then we multiply your performance points by the race distance. Our long race participants are awarded 8 points and the short distance gets 6. Finally you accumulate 10 points for attending each race.

The payoff,we will crown the winners! (First through third by gender).

More details coming and updates over the season! Good luck runners!

Local time: 5:09 PM


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