November 30 - December 1, 2018

Chattanooga 100 Mile / 50 Mile

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Rising Fawn, Ga 100 Miler, 50 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 1, 2018

Chattanooga 100 Mile / 50 Mile

Chattanooga 100 mile has approximately 10,000 ft of gain and same loss
The 50 miler has approximately 4,500 ft gain and same loss

The Chattanooga 100 from Mary Lide Parker on Vimeo.

33 hour cutoff for the 100 mile
14 for the 50 mile
THESE ARE VERY GENEROUS as we want this SAFE and fun race to be obtainable to all runners!
This race is meant to be a journey of all the trails within Cloudland Canyon State Park. It will be 95 miles of single track trail and 5 miles of pavement. The course is a barbell.
As city lights fade as the day breaks, water falls and ridge line trails appear from the plateau. With its expansive views and waterfalls.
The point of this race is not to be extremely difficult it is meant to show of the natural beauty of Cloudland Canyon State Park You will see a couple of MASSIVE water falls, run around the rim of a canyon, and finish to beers and cheers.

From the RD Sean Run Bum Blanton - It has been too long. Chattanooga and Georgia really need an epic 100 mile race and a race that the ENTIRE community can get behind. We want folks to come from Cananda, Maui, and Oregon to have their minds blow by the scenery. We have Lula Lake Land Trust, the Friends of Cloudland Canyon State Park, all the amazing local trail caretakers as well the local Chattanooga trail runners for making this event possible!

More details and the course TBA.
This scenic race has less than 10k of gain for the course.

The race start is 30 minutes from downtown Chattanooga!

Cutoff time
for the 100 miler is 33 hours for solo. NO EARLY START
50 miler will be 14 hours with no early start

Post race
all runners will get some beer and food post race
NO Refunds, Deferments or Transfers!!!


6 points for the 100
3 points for the 50

Mandatory Volunteer Hours

100 Milers
Must do 8 hours of volunteering by Feb 10 to run this race. It can be Trail maintenance/ building, Volunteering at a trail race, or just volunteering. We will have a link for you to submit closer to the race.
If you do not do this in time we will drop you from the race no refunds.

100 mile runner only...
You must complete 8 volunteer hours by November 12th to run the race!
This means trail building, trail maintenance, or volunteering for FREE for any trail race.
WE are trying to follow suit with other 100 mile races around the country.

All other info on

Local time: 12:04 PM


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