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Race 2020 update

Dear runners,
The Maniac race is my favorite thing. I love it with all my heart. Unfortunately, much like the other events in the area, the 2020 race will have to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus. My reservations with James City County were cancelled. I agree with the need for social distance. It still breaks my heart though. So, what now?
A few things about race weekend first. I know many of you will still want to gather and run. I understand this desire, you have trained hard. However, please keep in mind the purpose of the cancellation. Please do not congregate in a way that is unsafe for public health. Do your thing, be self-supported, enjoy the trails and fresh clean air, but consider doing it on your own instead of in a large group.
Now…refunds and deferrals…
Happy Cat Events LLC is one person, me. Any money that I “make” gets reinvested in another event or donated, this company is a labor of love for me. I have a separate full time job to make ends meet. That being said, I totally understand that you may need a refund. Many of you are suffering financial hardship because of this virus, so I completely understand. I have 2 options for you.

1- Deferral- You can defer to next year’s Singletrack Maniac OR another Happy Cat race. I have the Night Owl 9k in July, the Crazy 8 miler in September and the Midnight Maniac in November. Information on these can be found on Ultrasignup. I can send more details on these later.
2- I can refund you 50% (I am considering this $35.00 for the 50k, $17.50 for the 10k) or 100% of your registration. If you do not take a refund or take 50%, your donation will help fund future Happy Cat Events. If you need a refund, I will be writing you a check and mailing it, so when you send me an email please include your mailing address and the name the check should be made out to. This could take up to 4 weeks to mail out, your patience is appreciated.

For the refund/deferral please email me in the following way so I can stay organized-

Subject line: Maniac Refund OR Maniac Deferral (depending on what you choose)

For refund, In the body of the email include: Name, Address, % refund (50% or 100%)

For Deferral, if you know the race you want to defer to, please specify, if not, just state that you will email me at a later date (I will send you a coupon code when you decide).

If you do nothing, I will assume that you want me to take no action and I will consider your registration a donation to Happy Cat Events to assist me with covering my expenses, this gesture will be much appreciated.

Trying to find a positive, here is what I will also do…
I am going to mark the course as if the race is going to happen. I already had my vacation week planned for the week before the race. I am requesting that the park allow me to keep the markings up for 30 days. I will send out more details about the course as well as a Strava map or similar (I will mark the 10k as well). Run the course on your own within the next 30 days and I will mail/get you a medal. This will not affect your race deferral or refund. I have not yet purchased T-shirts, so I will not be sending out shirts at this time. I have medals that I have already purchased for 2020 and I would love to distribute them. If I can avoid the cost of mailing the medal that is ideal, I will consider having medals at the park office for pick up.

We need to do our part not contribute to this terrible situation. We can still run and enjoy the woods, luckily, we all love fresh air and we are healthy and strong because of our training! Please do not hesitate to ask questions and forward me your decisions as soon as you can. I expect many emails and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.

The main event...the 50k

RACE IS MARCH 28, 2020!
7 a.m.-5 p.m.
Limit 100 participants
Over 75% Rooty, twisty, challenging singletrack mountain bike trails
Approx 1,500 feet of elevation gain and loss in the park
Four Stocked aid stations (miles approx 6.5, 11,13, 13.5, 18, 21.5, 26.5, 30)
Access to drop bag at 18 miles
Restroom will be available on the course at around 11 miles and 13 miles
Rain or shine
Showers and refreshments will be available after the race

New this year...a 10k distance! The Cray Cray 10k!

The 10k will start and finish at the same location. Start time is 8am. Course will be approx. 4.7 miles single track trails, 1.5 miles paved. Course will utilize the "D loop" at Freedom Park. Challenging roots and turns! Aid stations will be limited and available at the 1 mile and 5.5 mile marks only. Runners are encouraged to bring hydration, especially if your anticipated pace is over 12 min per mile. This is not a sanctioned, measured 10k is 6.7 miles ish...plan for your pace to be approx. 2 min per mile slower than on the road. Registration will be LIMITED!

Local time: 6:01 AM


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