Saturday, Aug 3, 2019 @ 9:00 AM
Registration closes: Wed, Jul 31 @ 11:59 PM

The Race

(Please consider the waitlist - we are working to expand the field - stay tuned)
Escape the heat and join us at our beautiful venue for the inaugural Ode to Laz Ultra event. This will follow the traditional theme of Lazarus Lake’s original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra.
At 9:00 a.m. contestants start a 4.167 mile trail route. Repeat as long as you wish.
Be standing at the start line every hour to continue the race and complete your next lap.
At 9:00 p.m. we switch to a paved closed park road, then back to the trail again at 9:00 a.m.
Complete each lap within the hour, with no outside assistance.
The “last runner standing” to complete one more lap than all other contestants wins!

Rules & Info

Contestants provide their own aid, pacers are not permitted
Crew is permitted, not required, may change and is limited to 1 designated crew member per contestant at all times. Crew may leave and come back if needed.
Each contestant/crew pair is allotted space within 40 yards of the start and finish line for one open sided canopy up to 10’ x 10’ size and parking for 1 vehicle overnight at the start/finish venue.
During night closed hours, the race reserves the right to permit only the active participant and crew members to stay at the venue. Overnight camping is prohibited at the Start/Finish area and the South half of the park, but is available in the McGinnis campgrounds at the North half of the park.
Additional first come first served parking during daylight hours is available for fans and supporters.
Permanent park bathrooms will be available and open during the event at the start/finish.
Alcohol is permitted.
Glass containers are prohibited.
Water is provided.
Coffee is provided.
No hiking poles, no headphones on trails

The Course

The 4.167 mile trail loop has approximately 400 feet of climbing, is 2/3 technical single track, 1/3 moderate walking/hiking path and a few hundred yards of pavement. There are several bathrooms along the course in addition to those at the start/finish. The 4.167 mile night loop has approximately 200 feet of climbing on a paved road within the park, closed to traffic after 10pm.


The "last runner standing" will receive a prize based on entry count. $8 per paid entrant.
The runner to complete the most laps in late 70's running gear will receive $2 per paid entrant.
These can be awarded to the same entrant. See our page for more details.


Holly State Recreation Area provides over 8000 acres of hiking, fishing, boating and swimming fun for all ages. A public beach area with concessions, non-motorized boat rentals, and the “Whoa Zone” water obstacle park is suitable for all ages. A daily $9 per car fee is charged by the state and not included in the race entry. Come early, preview the course and join us Thursday and Friday at an informal training/relaxation camp headquartered at the start finish line.
Hotels and dining options are available within 15 minutes drive from the event venue. McGinnis campground at the North half of the recreation area is also available for overnight car/tent/RV camping for friends, family, and contestants who have dropped.

Limited wait list spots are now being filled. We have park permission to expand our field for a limited entry count.

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Local time: 4:48 PM
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