Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Run Your First

Oakland, CA 100K, 50 Miler, 50K

This Event Took Place Tue. Dec 31, 2019

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Registration for Run Your First 2019 is closed.

Run Your First!

Run Your First ULTRA 50K is back for 2019 and this year, we're running all year 'round.

This program is designed for all runners and offers free training programs and group support leading up to Skyline 50k, Dick Collins Firetrails and North Face Endurance Challenge. In between and after, we'll have training runs, informal group runs, and the occasional fat ass. Run Your First and all the training programs and community fun are free. Some of the training camps and other runs cost a fee. Anyone of any ability and experience can be part of this program.

How It Works

Here's how it works. You sign up here and then...

The Training Plans
You'll start receiving emails from us (weekly starting April 13) that include the training plans prepared by Scena, starting with Skyline 50k. As the Spring unfolds, we'll start including plans for Dick Collins Firetrails and North Face Endurance Challenge. You select which training program you want. IMPORTANT! You don't have to be running one of these races to take part. You can be training for anything.

The Running
Most of the running and training you'll do on your own, but Run Your First has an active Facebook community that people use to meet up for training. There will also be Scena-led camps (for a fee) and training fun runs (FREE), as well as a few special opportunities organized by our friends, Scena Ambassadors, and our sponsors. And we'll have other treats and get-togethers along the way!

The Socializing
Much of the organizing will be done in our Facebook group. This will allow you to connect with local runners. So, whether you're in Healdsburg, Ukiah, Berkeley, or Los Gatos, there should be something for you. The Facebook group and our emails will be your connection to advice, other runners, and reminders.

About that email...You can subscribe and resubscribe to the emails at any time.

Skyline 50k

Consider Skyline 50k for your first! Skyline is a great race for 'rookies.' It's a classic course with lots of new runners and many experienced ones. Skyline is one of the oldest trail 50k's in the country and many a great ultrarunning career has started here. Run on August 4 this year, this is our first goal race. The training program starts April 13.

Here are additional things to sign up for (that aren't free):

Skyline 50k Training Camp July 6 and 7, 2019
Skyline 50k August 4, 2019

Dick Collins Firetrails

Run on October 5, 2019 in the SF East Bay, Dick Collins Firetrails is a classic race that offers a 50-mile, 100k, and marathon races. Each of these distances can be your first, fastest, or simply your funnest Ultra.

Here are things to sing up for (that aren't free):

Dick Collins Firetrails Training Camp - September 14 and September 21, 2019
Dick Collins Firetrails October 5, 2019

North Face Endurance Challenge Camp

Scena Performance is proud to be the Local Ambassador for The North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco. We have managed the course since the race began, both marking it race week, pre-running, sweeping, and problem solving on race day. By being part of our training program, you gain special insight into the history of the race. If you choose to be part of our camps, you'll learn about the race from the insiders, including any last minute course changes.

While we do not offer registration to the race itself, members of our programs are eligible for a 15% discount on registration.

Here are things to sign up for:

North Face Endurance Challenge Training Camp October 26 and 27

About Scena Performance

Scena Performance, presents classic races like Skyline 50k, and Dick Collins Firetrails in Oakland, CA, and creates new ones like Napa Valley 50k in Calistoga, and Ancient Redwood Running Festival in Mendocino and Sonoma Women's Triathlon and Healdsburg Turkey Trot in Healdsburg. Our aim is to take you someplace new and reward you with great running, food, and friends.

See you out there?


Local time: 12:25 PM

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