Saturday, Oct 26, 2019

Carkeek 12 Hour

950 North West Carkeek Park Road

Seattle, WA 12hrs, 6Hrs PM Start, 6hrs AM start

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 26, 2019


The 2020 Carkeek 12-Hour is a go...virtually! Carkeek Park is still closed to vehicle traffic and social distancing is still quite necessary in Seattle and everywhere. We care about keeping communities safe. We also want you all to have fun and for the Carkeek tradition to live on, too, so here's the deal: The 14th annual Carkeek 12-hour (and 6-hour) will be virtual in 2020.

In true Carkeek tradition, we'll have fun prizes for everyone who signs up and participates. The traditional costume contest is still very much a go (if you run in a costume, please send us pictures!). We'll even have a prize for the person who can manage to run a course that most accurately reflects Carkeek's difficulty: 436' of gain per 1.93-mile loop. Run 12 hours somewhere that challenges you; run 6 hours in a costume. As opposed to one pre-determined Saturday in October, you'll be able to pick ANY day in October to run your 6 hours or 12 hours.


Carkeek has a reputation has the toughest 12-hour out there. If you've run it before, you know why: Lots of gain (often in the form of stairs) and frequently lots of unpredictable fall weather, too. This year: Stay local, stay safe, and run the hardest course you can. Challenge yourself while keeping it fun. In the spirit of Carkeek, we want you to run a tough 12-hour (or 6-hour)—in a place that's local and dear to you.

If you live in Seattle and are near to Carkeek, you can of course run your miles there. Just please be mindful of park closures and current social distancing protocols. If you don't live in Seattle, please don't travel there to run. Just run wherever you are! We have faith you can find something tough enough.

The traditional course is 1.93 miles, encompassing 436' of gain each loop, including a section that might even be considered flat. We'll have a special prize for however can run a course that most closely resembles that loop, but mostly, we want to see you challenge yourself and get into the spooky spirit of Halloween.


This year, as a special virtual perk, you can sign up for BOTH the 6-hour and 12-hour (and registration is only $20 each, which is a ghoulish steal), and then pick a day in October to run the 6-hour, and pick another day to run the 12-hour. You know, if you're a masochist. (Masochists welcome here. In fact, we're not sure you can run Carkeek in any capacity and not be considered a bit delightfully...unhinged.)


Race day can be any day in October of your choosing. It could be October 1st or October 7th or October 12th or October 31st or any day in between. For the 12-hour and 6-hour options, the only requirement is that you run the entire run at once.

Over the course of 12 hours (or six hours, if that's the option you choose), run as many or as few loops of your own design as you can. We'll have the virtual challenge open for the entirety of October, so you can set a day in advance for yourself, or wait until a day that you like. We ask you to challenge yourself, though, in the spirit of Carkeek (which is normally run on a 1.93-mile loop, with an even harder 0.54-mile short loop for those that have truly lost it).

To be eligible for distance or vert prizes, we'll ask you to verify your distance and vertical with a Garmin or Strava, etc. If you're just out to challenge yourself and have a good time, though, we're a little more laid back than most.

Running for six hours or twelve hours is way more fun than you think, and while it's hard, the time will probably fly faster than you think, too. Yes, Carkeek hurts, always, but it's also always a blast, and a super fun way to leap into Halloween and seasonal costumed shenanigans.

If you're competing for prizes (in distance and/or vertical), paused time on your watch still counts against those 12 hours or 6 hours. Keep in mind that the days are getting shorter (so you may want a headlamp at some point, depending on when you start or finish), keep it local to where you live (because we all want to respect and encourage community health), and have fun!


In addition to being tough, this race is also meant, in its entirety, to be FUN. And, as it has historically happened around Halloween weekend, we are, as always, encouraging you to bring out your best Halloween costumes for a lap or several. In fact, we'll have additional prizes for best costumes. (And if you want to rock a costume for the entire run, even if you choose to do it on October 1st? We salute you and applaud your spirit. Just let us know you're doing it, and please send photos!)

We strongly support pets in costumes, too, and have been known to find special prizes for extraordinary canine cuteness.

Bonus points, too, for anyone that tracks their laps with star stickers in the spirit of the historic in-person race.


This race, like Cottontail in the spring, is an Endless Trails fundraiser, so any and all registration fees (+ bonus donations) that aren't used for awesome prizes will go to our 501(c)3 non-profit to support trail work, trail education, and trail advocacy throughout the Northwest region. Most often we donate Carkeek funds back to Carkeek trails. You'll also have the option to make an additional donation to Endless Trails as you're registering. Every little bit helps, and all of it goes back to good and much-needed work on local and beloved Northwest trails. Thanks for your support!
Looking for more info, or awesome photos from a previous year's race? Check out all the details here:

*Prices include US sales tax, but not UltraSignup fees; US fees applied at check-out. All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable to other runners/events. Registration fees + all donations go to Endless Trails, a 501(c)3 non-profit for trails.*

Local time: 2:59 PM


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