Friday, Feb 7, 2020 @ 9:00 PM


Pocomoke, MD 100K

This Event Took Place Fri. Feb 7, 2020

The Delmarva Ultra Challenge DUC

The Delmarva Ultra Challenge (DUC) 100k trail race was created to give Algonquin fans something different. No one you know has run this course! This race format consists of running two 50K trail runs back to back, the first being Friday night after packet pickup at an undisclosed location of which you won’t learn until an hour before the start. The second 50 K is the traditional Algonquin race course the following Saturday morning which we all know and love. The runners two times will be added together to decide whom our top male and female DUC’s are. If you signed up to run the Algonquin and have completed a 50 mile race or longer with in the official time and under the cut off with in the last year, then you are qualified for consideration. There will be 30 open spots, however it is totally up to the Race Dictator and General Gabe to make the ultimate decision on whose in and whose out. Night experience running, a high tolerance for pain as well as a strong mind are all keys to crossing that finish line and earning the right to be called a DUC!

Event's current local time: 8:57 PM ET


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