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Paxson, AK 135 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 4, 2020

Registration Info

Registration Info

Registration Deadlines
September 1st 2023 Registration Opens.
May 1 or when 50 runners have registered 2024 Registration Closes.
May 7 2024 Qualifying races must be submitted.

Registration Details
** Runners should submit their qualifying runs/experience to before May 7th. The sooner the better.
*** Runners Info Package and Crew & Pacer Rules will be sent within 30 days of their registration acceptance. Once runners are accepted, they will be responsible for passing the Crew & Pacer Rules onto their respective crews and pacers.
**There will be no refunds for the Denali135,Denali100K or Denali50K races. Possible deferments to the next year’s race may…MAY…be made at the sole discretion of the race director. As you can imagine, significant logistics are involved in organization of this race and so we simply are unable to make refunds…..deferments possibly…refunds…sorry.

Denali Ultras

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Alaska…….Denali……big, wild & wide open places.
With 20,310’ tall Denali and surrounding Alaska Range Mountains and glaciers as its backdrop, the 135 Mile Denali Highway is the setting for the spectacular Denali135 Endurance Race. The Denali Highway was the original and only road into Denali National Park from 1957 until 1971 and it is still as breathtaking and jaw dropping today as it was more than 50 years ago.

Hardy and qualified adventurous athletes from around the World are invited to challenge themselves along the entire length of the historic hard packed gravel road from Paxson Alaska, the headwaters of the wild Gulkana River, to Cantwell Alaska…. Adjacent to the entrance to Denali National Park.

Superlative panoramic vistas reach out for miles in every direction bathed in the nearly 20hrs of arctic daylight each day during the race. National Geographic rightly called the Denali Highway one of the top ten most scenic roads in North America.

The Denali135 was first run in 2019 by Sean Tracy (44hrs 12mins) with running partner Bill McCue (44 hrs 22 mins). The 2024 Denali135 will be limited to 50 runners and their crew and pacers.


The Denali135 is a point to point race along approx. 131 miles of the 135 mile Denali Highway with an approx. total elevation gain of 8800’. The race starts in Paxson Alaska on the East side of the Denali Highway and finishes in Cantwell at the West side of the Denali Highway.

After checking in at the Historic Gakona Lodge (approx. 3.5hrs drive from Anchorage), Runners and crews will begin the Denali135 at Paxson Alaska…The crossroads of the Richardson and Denali Highways.

For 21 miles the Highway is paved as it slowly rises up from the Gulkana River watershed to the Tangle Lakes area. A chain of Lakes listed on the National Historic Register for its important archeological value. A small roadhouse and lodge (Tangle River Inn) at mile 20 sits closed until a new owner is found.
There the road becomes gravel and gently rises and falls before climbing to 4,086’ Maclaren Summit Pass at mile 36.8. Down from the summit to the Maclaren River Lodge after the bridge over the Maclaren River at mile 42. This lodge offers lodging, a small restaurant, gas and limited supplies.

The amazing sub alpine scenery continues on and racers and crew will come to Alpine Creek Lodge at mile 68 (Slightly more than halfway!) The lodge offers rooms and cabins, restaurant and light supplies. Racers, pacers and their crews press on until they reach the Susitna River Bridge at mile 79.5.

At mile 131.8 the road turns into pavement for the last 2 miles to the finish line outside the village of Cantwell.

Event Details

Race Format & Time Cut-Offs
Individual runners with mandatory support crew and optional pacers.

Maximum of 48hrs allotted to complete the run. See cut off times on the Schedule & Logistics page.

Pacers and Crew
Each runner must be accompanied by a support vehicle/crew who can supply food and water and support to the runner during and throughout the race. One pacer at a time may also accompany the runner. This pacer can also share in crewing/driving the support vehicle.

Support Vehicle and Crew & Pacer Rules/Details will be sent to runners within 30 days of their registrations being accepted.

Runners completing the course in 48hrs or under will receive a “wildly” unique shed Alaskan Moose antler Denali135 belt buckle and official Denali135 finishers shirt. The overall men’s and woman’s winners will receive special Denali135 awards. Denali135 Crew shirts will available for purchase.

To Qualify
Applicants must have completed at least 4 ultra- running races in the previous 3 years with distances of 50 miles or greater for each race, at least one of which was a 100 mile race or longer before applying for the Denali135. Self run ultra distances may be considered as qualifying runs for the Denali135 and should be submitted to the Race Director for consideration.

Qualifying races must have been completed within the maximum time allotted for the race.

Again, in 2024 the Denali135 will be limited to 50 runners and their crews/pacers.

Lodging and Car Rental

Start Line Lodging
Runners and their crews will be required to attend the pre-race meeting at the historic Gakona Lodge located approx. 3.5 hrs from Anchorage. The Lodge is located approx.. 1 hr south of the starting line of the race in Paxson.

The Gakona Lodge has accommodations for approx. 28 people and other area lodging within an easy hour’s drive of the lodge or less can be found here:

Denali Highway Cabins

The Lodge at Black Rapids

Copper River Lodge

Search AirBnB for the Gakona and Glennallen areas.

RV Campers can stay at Gakona RV Park

Finish Line Lodging
The Denali135 race finishes just outside the town of Cantwell near the junction of the Denali Highway and Parks Highway.

There are many options for post race lodging within 30 mins of the finish line. Most are located in and around the Denali Park area. For those opting to rent an RV or do the Car Camping thing, there is ample parking at the finish line for crew RV's and cars as they wait for their runners. There will be basic drinks and food offered at the finish line.

The 2024 Post Race Award Party/Salmon Feast will be held at the Denali Education Center (our race non profit partners) Talkeetna Campus on June 23rd at 6pm. Our wonderful sponsors at Denali Brewing Company will be offering their amazing locally produced libations and there will be live music and space for both tent and RV camping(No hook ups) .
Car Rentals
All car rentals should be made the same time as lodging to ensure securing a rental vehicle. Only a limited number of rental car companies rent cars that can be driven on the Denali Highway due to the gravel surface of the road so Spirit Trips has partnered with Alaska 4x4 Rentals to provide competitive rental rates for SUV’s, Jeeps and Trucks that can be used as crew vehicles and driven on the Denali Highway and during your stay in Alaska.

This is a convenient arrangement since Alaska4x4 is located at the Anchorage Airport and make the pick-up and drop off of your rental vehicle super easy and straight forward.

RV/Camper Rentals
Renting a small RV is another option and going this way eliminates the need for lodging.

RV Rentals can be made with

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