Sunday, Aug 16, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra

5000 McGinnis Rd.

Holly, MI Last Person Standing

This Event Took Place Sun. Aug 16, 2020

Welcome to the "Ode to Laz"

The event where "Finishing Last Means the Most"®
It's not just for ultra runners! It's for everyone to find their own limits if they'd like.
Our single loop options and our Oak Flats 3HR are great ways to experience a backyard event.

Escape the heat (most years) and join us at our beautiful venue for the amazing, 5 star rated, Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra event. We guarantee this will be the best event you've attended, or we will let you double your laps for free before you DNF!

Ode to Laz Details

Want to pit at the cabin area main start/finish? Want to pit at the amazing Complete Runner Overlook party? Sign up early to secure your spots and tell your friends so you can be assured to pit together.

Try one loop with our Single Loop option
Want to run up to three loops depending on how you feel and then enjoy the party? Or run then crew? Select the Oak Flats 3HR option! - If this is your first backyard, we'll even let you run further than 3 loops if you're feeling good

The race follows the traditional theme of Laz Lake’s original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra

  • Start: Saturday 9:00 a.m. contestants start a 4.167 mile trail route
  • Repeat as long as you wish
  • Be standing at the start line every hour to continue the race and complete your next lap
  • At 9:00 p.m. we switch to a paved closed park road, then back to the trail again at 9:00 a.m.
  • Complete each lap within the hour, with no outside assistance
  • The “last runner standing” to complete one more lap than all other contestants wins!

Packet pickup race day morning at your assigned starting area

Assignments will be communicated prior to the race.

Qualification & Waitlist

The Ode to Laz is a Big's Backyard affiliated race, so your results count towards any "at large" championship consideration.

Rules & Info

  1. Contestants provide their own aid, pacers are not permitted

  2. Crew is permitted, not required. Crew may leave and come back if needed.

  3. Racers are allotted a chair/cooler space within 40 yards of the start/finish line. Parking for 1 vehicle overnight for all full event entrants at the start/finish venue is available, 10'x10' canopy or tent space is available for all runners.

    Camping is available in the McGinnis campgrounds at the North half of the park.
    Additional parking during daylight hours is available for fans and supporters.

  4. Alcohol is permitted.

  5. Glass containers are prohibited.

  6. Water is provided.

  7. Coffee is provided.

  8. No hiking poles, no headphones on trails

  9. A racer guide is here: Click Here

The Course

The 4.167 Mile Trail Loop:

4.167 Mile Night Loop:


Every participant gets a coveted Ode Ski hat, tech running cap, or Headband as you choose. The winner and any sole assist get the coveted Ode champion's varsity jacket. The "last runner standing" will receive free entry to an ode race of their choice for the following 12 months. The assist gets 75% off an Ode backyard (assist ties all get 50% off).

The Transition from lap 12 to lap 13

You only do this once, we think you'll barely notice!

We've timed a simulated slow walk from your lap 12 endpoint, to a crew car, a ride at the park speed limit of 25mph to the lap 13 start, then a stumble to the start corral. 5:07 and 6:58. Really! Our transition rule is backyard approved and states that anyone in transition when the bell rings is still legally starting their lap. They get more rest than the other runners while getting there, but they have to make up these extra seconds running lap 13 faster to catch up. Lap 13 is the start of the road loops which are about 5 minutes easier than trail loops. (We will be assisting uncrewed runners with transition)


Holly State Recreation Area provides over 8000 acres of hiking, fishing, boating and swimming fun for all ages. A public beach area with concessions, non-motorized boat rentals, and the “Whoa Zone” water obstacle park is suitable for all ages. A daily $11 per car fee is charged by the state and not included in the race entry.

Hotels and dining options are available within 15 minutes drive from the event venue. McGinnis campground at the North half of the recreation area is also available for overnight car/tent/RV camping for friends, family, and contestants who have dropped.

Find Us

See our facebook page with the link above or join our group for the latest info and conversation.
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Event's current local time: 3:24 AM ET


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