Saturday, Dec 18, 2010

Rodeo Beach Trail Run

1049 Mitchell Rd

Sausalito, CA 50K, 8K, 20K, 30K

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 18, 2010

Cancelled Event


COVID-19 Update

11/19/20: COVID-19 wins. Event Cancelled.
9/1/20: At this time you need to be aware that we will not be having a post race festival of food and beverage like normal. This could change. Please also note that COVID-19 will bring about higher expenses for the trail running industry and this will be the lowest entry fee for Rodeo Beach and our other events.

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Rodeo Beach Trail Run

Welcome to the 15th Annual Rodeo Beach Trail Run. Enjoy vistas of the Pacific Coast as you take a scenic tour of the spectacular Marin Headlands with views of San Francisco, Tiburon, the Golden Gate Bridge and California coastline. This PCTR classic-event begins and ends at Rodeo Beach. You’ll see historic abandoned military batteries reclaimed by nature. December is the end of the of the diurnal raptor season, with tens of thousands of raptors (Birds of Prey) drawn to the area. This event always sells out so take advantage of the early bird sign-up.

Rodeo Beach: Start/Finish Location & Parking Instructions

Rodeo Beach is located in the Marin Headlands. The area is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The start/finish area is at Fort Cronkhite in Sausalito is home to the Rodeo Beach Trail Run. Use the location "Rodeo Beach, Sausalito" or the address below for your navigation device of choice.

1049 Mitchell Rd
Sausalito, CA 94965

For the Parking Map click Click here

Parking Alert
There is NO PARKING allowed at the public parking area where the start/finish area is located. Runners can be dropped off. Anyone parking here is subject to a parking ticket by the GGNRA. Early arrivers will be a 100 yards from the start where Fitzpatrick St meets the Rodeo lagoon foot bridge. After the parking is full on Mithcell Rd, cars will be directed by our parking attendants up Bunker Rd near The Marine Mammal Center. All others will be out by the Rodeo Lagoon car bridge about 1/2 Mile away.

Woof Alert
WE LOVE DOGS! They are allowed at the start/finish area and nearby beach. However, no dogs are allowed to compete with you during the non-canicross events. Please do not leave your dog in the car or we will have the Supervising Ranger find it a temporary home while you finish your race.

Race Information

Saturday, December 19, 2019

Rodeo Beach (Fort Cronkhite)
1049 Mitchell Rd
Sausalito, CA 94965

Event Distances & Elevation Gains
- 50K – 5,980 ft
- 30K – 3,740 ft
- 20K – 2,240 ft
- 8K – 1,010 ft
Canicross 5 Miler - 1,010 ft

Entry Fees
- 50K: $99-109
- 30K: $89-99
- 20K: $84-94
- 8K: $79-89
- Canicross 5 Miler: $79-89
- Add $15 for Race Day Registration

Start Times
- 50km – 7:00am
- 30km – 7:30am
- 20km – 8:00am
- Canicross 5 Miler – 8:30am
- 8km 9:00am

Runner Check-in & Bib Pick-up
- One hour before the start of your event-

Race Director Event Briefing
- 15 Minutes before the start of your event

50K Time Limits & Cut-Off
- There is a 9 HOUR TIME LIMIT for the 50K
- Cut-off is a 1:15 pm for starting the 20km loop.
- You must start the loop by 1:15pm. It'snot when you arrive. Shall you make the cut-off and start by 1:15 pm, but not meet the time limit and finish within 9 hours, then you will receive an unofficial finish.

Cup-Free Racing
Effective January 7, 2018, Pacific Coast Trail Runs is following the lead of other trail races by taking steps to "green" our events. We recommend that all participants carry hydration devices on them during the race. We will sell HydraPouch portable cup with Universal carry clip – hooks easily to shorts, tights, number belts, hydration belts, etc. These are available at checkout for $10. You will receive it when you check-in for the event. We will also have a few for purchase for $10 the day of the event.


We take great pride in knowing that when you finish a PCTR trail run, it is of the highest importance that you have a meal and tasty beverage to reward your finish. All entrants receive a "post-race meal ticket" to get the nutrients your body needs right after you finish. You will have the option during registration to purchase additional meal tickets. Our post-race BBQ chefs are in tune with incredible creations to meet all palates and will always provide a vegetarian option. We have served amazing tacos, incredible fajitas, delicious sliders, killer cowboy/cowgirl BBQ treats, and more. In the cold months, and night races, you will always be able to enjoy our super tasty soup creations. So bring a chair, a friend, and relax a bit with us.

Course Information

Click here for the 2019 course map, elevation charts, mileage, and aid station sheet (all distances)

Aid Stations, Drop Bags, & Pacers or Companions

Aid Stations
We will provide a variety of fresh fruit, salty and sugary snacks, bananas, tangerines, PB&J sandwiches, salt tabs, GU Rostand electrolytes drink, ginger ale, coke and water.. DUE to GGNRA PERMIT, we are not allowed to provide gels to runners at aid stations. Due to State of California food handling laws, we will no longer be making boiled potatoes at home. 8K'ers beware that you do not have an aid station on your 5 mile loop. It is highly recommended that ALL runners carry at least 20 oz. of water between aid stations.

Drop Bags
- Drop bags are only allowed at the Start/Finish Area
– No drop bags on course
- Please put your bib number on them

Pacers or Companions
- 50K - Pacers (only one permitted the entire event) are allowed in the 50K and can join their runner after the 30K loop
- Pacers or companion runners must check-in at the start/finish area.
- Pacers of companion runners may not act as a mule: carrying gear or nutrition during your journey. Your primary purpose is safety and direction.
- Pacers or companions are not allowed in the 30K, 20K, or 8K distances unless permission is granted from Race Director

Results & Race Photos

Final results with detail are also available here:

Photos from Crowdpic available here:

Please do your best to credit the respective photographers for these photos.

Click on this link for the 2017 Race Photos:
Photos by Brandon Smith

Shirts & Awards

All participants that register by Sunday, November 25, 2018 will be guaranteed their requested shirt size and material. We will order extra shirts based upon previous race data and relative entries. All late and race day registrants must wait until after the event to pick up their shirt. You will have a 50/50 shot to receive a shirt of your requested size, but you may be generous to gift a different gender and sized shirt to a loved one.

Shirt Material
We have found giving a choice between Cotton and Tech material shirts has made you happy. During registration you will be asked what type of shirt you would like and then you size. To help you with your decision-making process, we can tell you the "Tech-Material" (not cotton) shirts are made by Sport-Tek and generally run "loose" and not tight fitting and therefore recommend you order your true size or smaller if you like tight fitting tech shirts. If you select "Cotton Blend", we can tell you they are a high quality shirt and tend to be more fitted than loose like other all cotton shirts.

- All finishers will receive a handmade wood medal from Elevation Culture.
- 50K Finishers, as longtime PCTR ultra marathon tradition, will receive a commemorative “Ultra Marathon” coaster for finishing within the time limit

Top 3 Winners
Top 3 Male & Female Overall Winners in each distance will win dollar value race credit for future Pacific Coast Trail Runs events.
- 1st Place - $75 race credit towards future 2019 PCTR Race
- 2nd Place - $50 race credit towards future 2019 PCTR Race
- 3rd Place - $25 race credit towards future 2019 PCTR Race

Age Group Awards
Each age group winner will receive a special 2018 Age Group Medal. Age Group Award Winners include Top 3 Male & Female in each of the following age group categories:

Volunteering, Refunds, Transfers, Race Credit Policies

Volunteers and our amazing PCTR team are what make our trail running events thrive. We pride ourselves in how much we respect and reward our volunteers. Love those ”Go run a trail” shirts? Well, volunteering is the only way to get those. We also like to feed you with our amazing post-race BBQ. We also sometimes order other swag like trucker hats or beanies for volunteers depending on the event.

Shall you like to volunteer for one of our events, then please email Greg at

- If you are entered in the event and you bring a friend or family member and they don't enter events, then you can earn their credits.
- Race credits are not transferable.
- You can bring your children with you, but you must be able to function as a volunteer while parenting ;-)
- Earn $10 in Race Credits for every hour worked. (4hrs = $40)
- 5.5hrs = $55)
- Earn 2X Credits for bad weather volunteering (HEAVY RAIN or SNOW or OTHER TBD)
- Earn 2X Credits for volunteering for night shifts after 8pm and before 6am (Hedlands 100 and Night Sweats Trail Runs).
- Volunteer 8+ hour shift and earn $40 bonus credits for event.
- Receive the coveted PCTR "Go Run a Trail!" shirt" and more. Must volunteer a minimum of 5 hours to get the shirt.

If you are unable to participate in the event you paid for and miss the 45 or 15 day window because you are unable to run due to injury or under training, and volunteer at the intended event or another before 30 days of your event, then we will apply 100% race credit for a future PCTR event. If you volunteer a minimum of 5 hours. You are also eligible to receive additional race credits for the hours you volunteered if you surpass your race entry fee.

Refunds & Transfers
Entry fees associated with Pacific Coast Trail Run Events are non-refundable and non-transferable. The amount of time and expense that goes into a PCTR event is high. Contracts, permit fees, awards, shirts, and all things associated with your event happen a long time before your race day. Surely, if many of you wanted a refund because you got injured, become sick, or have to attend a family function, then all trail running companies would be out of business. We also do not transfer entries for numerous reasons. We do, and will provide race credits for a future PCTR event (less registration fees) shall something come up that prevents you from attending the event you paid for.

Race Credits
For 100% race credit towards another PCTR event, you must notify us 45 days before your event. For 50% race credit, you must notify PCTR prior to 14 days before your event. For 25% race credit, you must notify PCTR prior to 72 hours remaining before your event. Your race credits will be valid for one year from the time you earned them.

Clean Sport Pledge

We pledge to support clean sport by inviting to athletes to compete at our events who are committed to training, racing and living clean and not inviting athletes to compete who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We are in favor of random drug testing, especially when there is prize money offered at the event. Our organization also chooses to not work with coaches and agents that have athletes that are currently working with athletes that have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We understand we have a responsibility to protect a level playing field and we will be role models in the community as ambassadors and advocates for clean sport. We pledge to honor clean sport by inviting and supporting clean athletes at our races.

Pacific Coast Trail Runs upcoming events

"Animal Run" & PCTR present 5 Mile Canicross Event

Woof Alert
WE LOVE DOGS! PCTR is proud to host their second ever "Canicross Event" benefiting Animal Run. Canicross (Canine Cross-Country) is a form of trail running that must include a dog and one human. Not two dogs, not two or more humans. Simply, it's you and a dog. Not just any dog, a well behaved dog that must follow rules likes it’s owner.

Run with your 4-legged friend and proceeds assist Animal Run's mission to promote animal welfare, human health and a thriving world. This is a challenging dirt course with a lot of fun climbing and descending. Guide Dogs with visually impaired athletes and guide runners are welcome too.

Start and Finish: Rodeo Beach Picnic Area Park (see address below with other races)
Entry Fee: $79
Distance: 5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1,010 feet

Course Link: 5 Mile Course via RunGoApp
Course Design: Clockwise Loop with views of Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge
Course Surface: 97% Dirt & 3% Asphalt

No dog, No Problem
- Did you know that you can donate, and get involved with Animal Run?
- Click on this link to donate to Animal Run: Become a Donor here!

What you and your dog get:
- Rodeo Beach/PCTR/Animal Run Canicross Shirt.
- Both get 5 miles of extreme vertical trail in the Marin Headlands.
- Dog gets Water Aid Station in portable bowls for dogs at the 2.5 mile mark (Wolf Ridge Trail at Miwok Trail.
- Dog receives Finisher Dog Tag and Doggie Pool to cool off paws at finish.
- Human gets fabulous Handmade Wooden Finisher Medal for finishing with dog.
- Top Three Female Runners with Dog with Special Podium Prize.
- Top Three Male Runners with Dog win Special Podium Prize.

The PCTR/Animal Run Canicross event entry purchase does include race shirt and a post race meal ticket.

Event's current local time: 6:43 PM PT

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