Sunday, Dec 6, 2020

Pine Mountain Trail Run

2970 GA-190, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

Pine Mountain, GA 46 Miler, 19 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Dec 6, 2020


PMTR is celebrating 40 YEARS!

First started in November of 1980, this 46 mile trail race on the beautiful Pine Mountain Trail system of F.D. Roosevelt State Park is the oldest ultra marathon in the state! This GUTS event will test your endurance and your ankles over rocky single-track trails. Since its inception, the course has seen a few different routes and distances. For 2020, we return to our original start/finish area by Lake Delanor for both races.


Our 19ish mile course travels some of the same ruggedly beautiful terrain as the 46-miler, with generous time cutoffs and just as much fun! This is a great race for those building up their training in preparation for their first marathon or ultra.

Race Details

Saturday Packet Pickup: 4-6pm, Cabin #12, Lake Delanor Road @ F.D.Roosevelt State Park
Sunday 46-Miler: 4:45-5:45 packet pickup, Shelter #2 (next to Group Shelter, Lake Delanor Rd) 6:00am start
Sunday 19-Miler: 6:30-8:45 packet pickup, Shelter #2, start waves 8:50/8:55/9:00 (wave assignment details in your email!)

For quick reference, here are taid station details and cutoffs. All mileage is approximate (gps can be spotty and steals miles from us on this course). You can find important trailheads and intersections here:

Station Approx Mileage Crew/Aid 13-hr pace / Cutoff
Start 0 NO/ Hydration only must start by 6:30am
Chestnut Oak 7.4 NO/ Hydration only 8:00am
Fox Den (OB) 12 NO/Standard fare 9:23am
Mollyhugger (OB) 16.8 NO/Standard 10:45am / 2:15PM OB CUTOFF - RETURN TO FOX DEN
Dowdell Knob (OB) 20 Yes/Standard/bag 11:39am
Rocky Point (OB) 23.4 NO/Standard 12:40pm
TV Tower 28 Yes/Standard 2:00PM CUTOFF
Rocky Point (IB) 31 NO/Standard 2:46pm
Dowdell Knob (IB) 34 Yes/Standard/bag 3:36pm
Mollyhugger (IB) 37.5 Yes/Standard 4:35pm
Fox Den (IB) 40 Yes/Standard 5:15PM IB CUTOFF
Buzzard’s Roost (IB only) 43 NO/Hydration only 6:09PM
FINISH 46 Yes/Standard fare 7:00PM FINISH

Station Approx Mileage Crew/Aid 10-hr pace / Cutoff
Start 0 NO/Hydration Must start by 9:30
Fox Den (OB) 5.2 NO/Standard fare 11:45am
Mollyhugger 10 Yes/Standard fare 2:15pm
Fox Den (IB) 13 Yes/Standard fare 3:50pm / 5:15PM CUTOFF
Buzzard’s Roost (IB only) 16 NO/Hydration 5:15pm
FINISH 19 Yes/Standard 7:00PM FINISH

Local time: 4:54 AM


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