Saturday, Sep 18, 2021 @ 7:00 AM

Boulder Beast

859 Lower Creek Rd

Lock Haven, PA 24 Miler, 25K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 18, 2021

About the event

Join us on a course that started all the craze here in central PA. The famous boulder field awaits you!!!! We take you on trails called Goat Path, Lightning Ridge, Gut Check, Black Diamond, Crossover, Fleming Way, Chestnut Flats and the Gorge Trail. Again for 2024-- we're offering a 25K distance for those not ready for 25 miles, but still want to tackle the boulders. Registration opens December 17th at 7pm EST via ultrasignup to the first 600 runners.
As usual, the start/ finish is at the Castanea Township Fire Company picnic grounds.  There is plenty of camping space and parking available (free and no reservations needed). The fun begins on Friday night with a pre-race party and bag pick-up from 4-8pm. As usual, the race starts at 7am sharp. After finishing, stick around and enjoy the typical PA Trail Dogs post-race picnic with great food and beverage.

Before Signing Up

Before signing up----Please understand that this event is not for everyone. It is a tough trek through some pretty tough and diverse terrain and will require some rigorous training on everyone's part. We have strict cut-off times at various places on the course--Bottom of Boulder Field Mile 6.5 (10:30am), Boy Scout AS Mile 8 (11am for 25 Milers/1pm for 25Kers)), Zindel Park AS Mile 11 (12:30pm), Vets+ AS Mile 16 (3pm) and Leadership CC AS Mile 21 (5pm). The cut-off times are based on being able to finish in the daylight. There will be no exceptions to these cut-offs. They are in place for the safety of our runners and the compassion we have for our volunteers. If you don't want to take on 25 miles, we're offering a 25K option that will allow each runner to conquer the boulders and still see the Rote Overlook before heading back to the finish. All in all, we're looking to make this a most memorable experience for everyone signed up. Just like Hyner, Sproul, and the Wilds 25K, we're just a fun group of trail runners putting on a fun trail event. We're excited to get back to a more runnable course, but make no mistake, legs will be trembling at the finish line!!!.


Registration opens December 17th at 7pm EST. The event is open to the first 600 runners or the September 1st deadline. The price for the 25K is $80.00 and the 25 miler is $90.00. There are no refunds, bib switches, deferments, selling of bibs, or Bandits for this event. If you don't agree with this policy, please refrain from signing up.

Cut-off Times

25 Miler---Boy Scout AS Mile 8 (11am), Zindel Park AS Mile 11 (12:30pm), Vets+ AS Mile 16 (3pm) and Leadership CC AS Mile 21 (5pm). The cut-off times are based on being able to finish in the daylight. Note: If you're signed up for the 25 miler and get to the Boy Scout aid station AFTER 11am, you'll be automatically directed onto the 25K course. No exceptions.

25K--Leadership CC AS Mile 12 (5pm)

25K course--You must reach the bottom of the boulder field by 10:30am or you'll be pulled from the course. The first 3.5 miles are road and the next three are trail. If you can't make it 6.5 miles in 3.5 hours, you'll never be able to finish this course. The next cut-off is the Boy Scout AS at mile 8 which is 1pm.

Event's current local time: 9:07 AM ET


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