Saturday, Nov 7, 2020

Cold Turkey Run

701 Jacks Valley Rd

Carson City, NV 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 7, 2020

Event Location

Jacks Valley Elementary School.
10K 8-8:25AM: Last name beginning with letter A to Nagel
10K 8:25-8:50AM: Last name Neal to Z
5K 8-8:25AM: Last name beginning with the letter A to Land
5K 8:25-8:50AM: Last name Maxwell to Z

9:00AM - 10K+ start
9:02AM - 5K-ish start

Course Description

Trail run on fire roads and single track that consists of some steep hills, technical footing in places, and outstanding views of Carson Valley and the surrounding mountains. Race courses dependent on trail conditions and weather.


Pre-registration is available through Ultrasignup. Cost is $20 for adults, $10 for students 13-25y/o, 12 & under are free.
In accordance with the state of Nevada's Guidance For Safe Gatherings issued on September 29, 2020, there will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION this season. The student rate is reserved for those 13-25y/o who are actively enrolled in school full time, middle school to college. All runners must answer and sign a Pre-Race COVID-19 Screening before receiving their bib# on race morning! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Our policy is constantly being updated and will not fit on this page. For most up to date info, go to our website using the link below banner photo.
These are the rules for all Ascent Runs WTS events. These are the requirements of our insurers, land managers, and land owners. Basically, everyone who grants us permission, signs our permits, and provides us with event liability insurance that allow us to carry out these trail runs and have fun again.
Face coverings will be worn by runners, spectators, event staff and volunteers at all times while at the start/finish line area. Everyone will be asked to comply with social distancing and safety requirements according to the latest Nevada Guidance for Safe Gatherings issued on September 29, 2020.
During the race : Runners/walkers will wear face coverings at the start until they are separated 6’ from other participants.
Passing Protocol: USATF has put in place a "passing" protocol for road and trail races that takes effect any time the course is narrower than 12 feet wide. To pass another runner on a trail or road less than 12 feet wide, the passing runner must cover his/her face, communicate the intent to pass- the runner being passed must cover /his/her face and step off course and allow the pass. Once the pass is complete, both runners may uncover faces and proceed.
Just like on the highway, the RIGHT side of the trail will be the cruising side and the LEFT side will be the passing side. Good communication will be needed to pass on narrower trails. After a few miles, the runners will be spaced enough and this should not be much of an issue.
Staggered start times: We will make every effort to get the faster more competitive runners grouped together and out of the start first, so they won't have to pass slower runners and cause congestion while out on the trail. There will be a one minute time gap between remaining waves, basically the time it takes to line up and go, but enough time to create good separation between and within groups.
We are going to use Ultrasignup finish % ranking for the grouping start times. If you are new to Ultrasignup and have no previous results posted and are unranked, but consider yourself a competitive runners worthy of a first wave start, please contact me through either our website or Ultrasignup so we can correctly position you.
At the finish line, hand shakes, high fives or any other physical contact in celebration will be strongly discouraged. This sucks and goes against everything the WTS is about, but this is currently the law of the land. So we need to adapt and adjust, and just be grateful that we can all be out here together again. If you are a veteran of the WTS you know these runs have always been very social and low key which is a draw for so many runners. We can be mindful and respectful of each others personal space and still be social and have a good time as a trail community.
There will be NO jug of water to fill your bottles or bladders before or after the run. There also will not be any post run goodies for consumption following each run due to heightened restrictions and requirements for offering food items of any kind to the public. Sorry, but we are not a catering service and do not have the proper resources to follow current protocols for offering food or beverages. You will have to bring your own supplies for post race hydration and nutrition.
Portable Bathrooms: We will have cones or markers 6’ apart outside each porta-pottie for lines when they form. We will have a hand sanitizer or washing station nearby.

Series Information

This is the first of 5 trail runs in the 12th Annual Be Bold, Run in the Cold Winter Trail Series presented by Ascent Runs. Every run in the series will have two distances to choose from, a 5Kish and a 10K+. The 5Kish will usually be between 3-4 miles. The 10K+ will be anywhere between 6-9 miles depending on conditions. If it’s nice we make it 7-9 miles. If it’s not so nice we keep it close to 6 miles. Be sure to check our website, Ultrasignup and our social media presence on Instagram & Facebook the week leading up to the run for updates. These casual runs were created to keep runners and walkers motivated through the winter months and also as a way to supplement your winter training. This series highlights the extensive trail networks surrounding Carson City, NV. Walkers are welcome to any of these events. There are no aid stations out on the courses so be prepared to carry your own water or sports drink. For the safety of all runners and to keep you guessing, event organizers reserve the right to change course routes and distances based on weather conditions or just for the heck of it. This series is a great trainer for the Triple Trail Challenge- Spring Edition. The Triple Trail Challenge includes Escape From Prison Hill(EFPH) Half Marathon on April 3, 2021; Canyons Half 5K/10K/21K/30K on April 17, 2021; and the Silver State Half Marathon on May 15, 2021.


No awards silly. Just the sweet satisfaction that you overcame the urge to sleep in on a cold winter morning and to go out and burn off some calories that were feeling way to at home.

Participant Check-in

Bib #'s can be picked up race morning. A Pre-Race COVID-19 Screening questionnaire must be completed before a Bib# can be issued for a runner/walker to participate in the event.
Check-in: Face coverings must be worn at all times by runners, spectators, event staff and volunteers while in or around the start/finish area. All runners/walkers will be required to read and sign a Pre-Race COVID-19 Screening before receiving their bib# and being allowed to participate in the event. No exceptions. We may stagger the check-in time process according to start times as to minimize congestion. These times will be posted the day before the race. Social distancing of 6’ will be implemented during the check-in process or any place lines may be formed.


We'll see what mother nature brings us this year. Your guess is as good as mine!

UPDATE 11/6/20: COLD!!!


From Reno: Take 580 South to the very end where it merges with Fairview. Take Fairview west until it T's at South Carson St. and turn left. Take Carson Street(395) south toward Minden/Gardnerville past the 50 West interchange. At top of hill approximately 1 mile past Hwy. 50, turn right onto Jacks Valley Road. JVES is about 2 miles down the road on the left. Park on the west side of the school in the dirt parking lot.

From Minden/G-ville: 395 N. toward Carson City. At top of hill by Home Depot and Target, turn left onto Jacks Valley Road.JVES is about 2 miles down the road on the left. Park on the west side of the school in the dirt parking lot.

From Carson City: Take Carson Street(395) south toward Minden/Gardnerville past the 50 West interchange. At top of hill approximately 1 mile past Hwy. 50, turn right onto Jacks Valley Road. JVES is about 2 miles down the road on the left. Park on the west side of the school in the dirt parking lot.


To maximize space, please park in rows in the open dirt lot North of the solar panel fencing. Should be plenty of parking.

Local time: 8:10 PM


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