Saturday, Jun 26, 2021 @ 5:00 AM
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SJS 50 2022

Next year's SJS 50 will be held on June 25th. Registration for a lottery will open on January 15th and will close on January 31st. 270 runners will comprise the runners list and the others will populate a wait list. Runners chosen for the runners list will be charged at that time. Those on the wait list will not be charged until they move up to the runners list and will be given an accept or decline option at that time.

Because of uncertainty over the progression of the pandemic and our having been forced to cancel, after registration, for two years in a row, we are posting the following cancellation policy in advance. We sincerely hope that we will not need to use it.

The race committee reserves the right to cancel or alter the race due to conditions outside of our control, such as weather, snowpack, high stream flow, fires, avalanches, other acts of nature, or health concerns. Should the race be cancelled, a choice will be offered between rolling registration over to the next year or a refund of $100.00. Please remember that we incur a lot of expenses and this is a non-profit event. Runner's, volunteer’s and community’s safety is our priority.

Another successful SJS50

After two years of cancelled races, the 25th running of the San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Benefit Run went well this year. The weather was cooler and wetter than had been expected a few short weeks earlier, but the runners seemed to love it. In spite of our cancelled Sunday festivities, a good, though challenging and occasionally painful time was had by all.
Our youngest finisher was 22 and our oldest finisher was 70, our first septuagenarian to have finished.
218 started and 185 finished with 34 DNFs.
Men's 1st was Gordon Gianniny, 24, in 8:49:24; Women's 1st was Courtney Dauwalter, 36 in 9:11:08, a new course record for women.
Men's 2nd was Devon Olson, 33 in 9:04:50; Women's 2nd was Samantha Lewis, 28, in 10:34:37
Men's 3rd was Carlos Ruibal,34, in 9:17:17; Women's 3rd was Mckendree Hickory, 32, in 10:41:48

About the run

The first running was held on June 17, 1995 and it was known then as the Lake City 50. The snowfields on the Continental Divide prevented running the proposed route that first year and the course was reduced to an out and back to the Williams Creek Aid Station. As a result, race progenitors, Chip and Cathy Lee, moved race day to the third week of July. However, Lake City is jam packed full with the usual tourists in the third week of July; vacant rooms are hard to find and the Lake City community had no time for ultra runners or volunteering for their race. In addition, lightning proved to be a significant threat, with frequent tales of near misses on the Continental Divide.

In 2002 the Lee's turned over the race to the Lake City community as a benefit for Lake City EMTs. The race was renamed the San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Benefit Run for Lake City EMTs and the race date was moved back to the vicinity of the Summer Solstice. Since the Solstice falls on a different day of the week from year to year, the day of the race has shifted back and forth from the Saturday before to the Saturday after the Solstice. Dates earlier than the Solstice have been problematic, with high and dangerous creek crossings in Alpine Gulch, steep and/or long snow fields and inaccessibility of the Divide Aid Station by vehicles and the Aid Station Crew.

The race actually fell on the Solstice in 2014. In fact, the moment of Summer Solstice happened just about 9 minutes before the 5AM start. The decision to use the regular course could not be made until a week before the race in 2015 and it was a tough call. A track was hand shoveled across a steep snowfield above the Alpine Aid Station to prevent runners from sliding into the rocks below in the icy early morning hardness of the snowpack. Creek crossings in Alpine Gulch were also very challenging; numerous runners reported being soaked to the neck and then fighting off hypothermia as they climbed, in shadow to the Alpine Aid Station. Every time that we have had concerns about the conditions were years when the race preceded the Solstice. With that in mind, the decision was made to hold future races after June 21 rather than getting out ahead of the Solstice again.


You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
You must have completed a prior trail ultra run

Local time: 3:41 PM


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