Saturday, Aug 14, 2021 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 14, 2021

New race for 2021!

Welcome to the Soupy 7 Hour Summer Endurance Race! This race is a loop course. Each loop is 4.55 miles so 7 loops = 50k (see what I did there?). 6 loops will = a marathon or do 3 loops for a half marathon. You can do the math from there. All those completing at least a half marathon will get a special award and 50k finishers will get an even more special award. If you do more than a 50k that's great, good going.

Only full loops will count. The loops will mostly be single track type mountain bike trails in beautiful New Quarter Park in York County Virginia. The course will be marked with confidence streamers.

This race is SELF SUPPORTED. What does that mean? That means that YOU bring all of your food, drink and supplies. I am doing this for you, so you can practice having to self support. It might seem mean but it is for your own good. Happy Cat Events tends to spoil runners, but not this time!
That being said, I will have ice and water, but that's it. I will make fun of you if you heavily depend on my ice and water.

It will be hot, real hot. You will need to plan for this. You can create an area for yourself with a tent or whatever, you will pass near your car each lap as well (just to tempt you to leave.) It is all in good fun! T-shirt and/or towel can be added on, no T-shirts are included. No T-shirt size guaranteed after Wednesday, August 4. What else are you going to do on an August morning in Virginia? Email me if you have specific questions at

Also a Fun Run...

Also available is a 7k Fun Run option. This is one "no frills" loop. T-shirt is not included in registration and only water will be served to participants. Finisher medals to participants.. 3.5 miles of the trail are single track mountain bike trails. Should be a hot mess of a Fun Run!

Local time: 1:35 PM


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