April 29 - May 1, 2022

WausaUltra Backyard and Double Down

Sylvan Park

Wausau, WI BackYard Ultra, Double Down (relay), Double Down (solo)

This Event Took Place Sun. May 1, 2022

BackYard Ultra

Do you have what it takes? Keeping in line with the infamous Big Backyard Ultra format organized by Lazarus Lake (you've heard of the creator of the Barkley Marathons, right?), we're holding our own Backyard Ultra in gorgeous Wausau, WI. Participants will run our 4.167 mile loop for as long as (s)he can. The first loop starts Friday, 4/28/2023 at 10 am and one loop will be run every hour, on the hour for as long as (s)he is able. When does the madness end? When the last (wo)man is left and crowned victorious!

What: 4.167 mile gorgeous (mostly trail!) course that loops throughout Sylvan Park, leaving on the hour EVERY HOUR (don't be late!) until 1 person remains
Who: Solo racer
When: 4/28/2023 @ 10 am
How it works: you show up on starting line on Friday, 4/28/2023 @ 10 am for your first loop. You keep going until you can't. Sounds simple, right?
Price: $200

Double Down

BackYard not your style? Lucky for you, we have some shorter distances that allow you to experience the same gorgeous course....just not quite as many times as in the BackYard! Participants will run our 4.167 mile loop for either 1 or 2 loops (total mileage 8.334 miles) and have 3 hours to do either option making it an option for both those who want to go for a trail PR and those who like to enjoy the trails at a more moderate pace.

What: 4.167 mile gorgeous (mostly trail!) course that loops throughout Sylvan Park. Sign up to do 1 or 2 loops of the course!
Who: Solo racer
When: 4/29/2023 @ 9:30 am
How it works: you show up on starting line on Saturday, 4/29/2023 @ 9:30 am for either 1 or 2 loops of our course. Times will be cumulative of your start time until you finish your distance (1 or 2 loops), separate times for loops if doing 2 will not be provided.
Price: $35 for 1 loop course until 12/31/22 then $45 after 12/31/22, $45 for 2 loop course until 12/31/22 then $55 after 12/31/22

Course Description

Course Preview (same loop for BackYard Ultra and Double Down races): In short, it is a gorgeous, hilly, all trail course that I wouldn't mind running at least 25 times in a row...which is fortunate, because hopefully you’ll be running that and more on race day.
Our start & finish//home base is nestled in a small field where participant’s tents/aid, bathroom facilities, parking is located. Every 4.167 miles, racers will have access to this little oasis. From the start, participants will head up a gravel path through gorgeous trees, taking a small loop before returning back down the hill...before heading up the tubing hill. Did we mention there are a couple climbs during this loop? From the top, you’ll have a gorgeous glimpse over the treetops of the little valley below...but let’s be honest- enjoy it the first 10 loops as you may be cursing in later days at these hills. At the bottom, you get to- you guessed it- climb right back up the hill because the breeze is better up there, ya know? You'll climb back down on a single track surrounded by woods before trotting by your beloved home base (but not stopping here!). This time, your journey back up the hill is a little more leisurely through the beautiful woods. Once on top, soak up the next half mile or so as you traverse along the edge of school property and savor the relatively flat terrain. After a loop out around school property, you’ll make your way back into the forest to dip back in for a quick, fun, roller coaster like descent. You’re getting close- once you are back to the bottom, you’ll trot by a beautiful creek, gentle bridges before finding yourself back at home base- your oasis….at least until the top of the next hour.

The course described above is subject to change prior to race day but what you can be assured of is that it will be 4.167 miles of gorgeous trail, lots of ups and downs, and a great home base between loops.

Kids' Race

What: Will be a surprise on race day but expected distance to be a little less than 1/2 a mile
Who: children under the age of 12 years old on race day (4/29/2023)
When: Saturday 4/29/2023. Race start 12:05 pm
Price: FREE for kids!


We will be closely monitoring COVID-19 infection rates and following CDC recommendations to hold a safe event. If we are unable to safely hold our WausaUltra Events, we will alert registrants at least 1 week prior to event of its cancellation. If we are unable to hold our events, we will reach out to you with the following options: defer your registration to next years' event OR donate your registration fee to our organization- and we'll guarantee you a spot to do our next years' event. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Local time: 6:45 AM


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