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18600 E Deep Canyon Trail

Black Canyon City, AZ 250 Miler

This Event Took Place Mon. May 2, 2022

Cocodona250 - May 5-10, 2025

The original epic of the Cocodona name starts at Deep Canyon Ranch in Black Canyon City and traverses a continuous 250 mile point-to-point route, ending in Flagstaff, Arizona. Arguably the most diverse 200+miler on the map. Be prepared for a life changing epic adventure.

Sedona Canyons 125 - May 7-10, 2025

This 125-mile point-to-point adventure runs the back half of the full Cocodona course. You’ll start in Jerome, run through Sedona, and finish in Flagstaff, alongside runners competing in the 250-miler. Get the best sections of the full course with half the pain.

Elden Crest 38 - May 9-10, 2025

The last 38 miles of the full Cocodona course is a Tour-de-Flagstaff. Start at Fort Tuthill, run in the Walnut Canyon area, around Mt Elden, and finish in downtown Flagstaff.


Cocodona is a set of point to point foot races linking together some of the most iconic trails and towns in Arizona. Join us for the full 250-mile monumental undertaking, the amazing 125-mile journey on the back half of the full course, or the last 38 miles of the course in Flagstaff.

The Cocodona Trail is a curated route through central Arizona linking historic towns and paths off the beaten path. The rich history of the towns linked up through little traveled ranges makes this a one-of-a-kind tour of Arizona.

From the beauty of the Sonoran desert, through canyons and pine forests this is a magical route. The accomplishment of traveling the Cocodona Trail on foot will be one of the most life changing and epic journeys of an endurance athletes career. We envision this as a once in a lifetime experience and the pinnacle endurance challenge in North America.

Cocodona 250 takes runners from Black Canyon City up into the Bradshaw Mountains – an area steeped in gold mining lore – to the historic town of Crown King. The course then traverses more of the Bradshaws, up and over Mount Union, and snakes down into Prescott where it cuts straight through town on Whiskey Row and out into the iconic Granite Dells. From Prescott the course heads up and over Mingus Mountain into the town of Jerome and onward through Sedona, experiencing a mix of stunning red rock formations and high desert vistas. As runners leave Sedona, the course starts to get into the pines of Flagstaff, finishing up and over Mt Elden and into downtown Flagstaff. It is an extraordinary undertaking and gives runners an incredible point-to-point experience through some of the best landscapes that Arizona has to offer.



The experience of a lifetime running 250 miles across the most scenic lands in Central Arizona connecting together multiple geographic zones, towns and communities highlighting the best of what Arizona has to offer.

This point to point 250 mile foot race will link together the towns of Black Canyon City, Crown King, Prescott, Jerome, Clarkdale, Sedona and Flagstaff in what can only be described as a life changing test of endurance.

This route will celebrate not only some of the best trail locations in Arizona, but also its people, history and landscapes.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will all have water, an electrolyte drink, sodas, sweet snacks, salty snacks, and fruit. Most aid stations will also have a substantial hot meal. All aid stations will have vegan options available – please ask.

Cocodona250 – 20 aid stations and 4 water stations.

Sedona Canyons 125 – 9 aid stations and 2 water stations.

Elden Crest 38 – 2 aid stations and 1 water station1.


Cocodona250 Course Overview
Distance: 249.3 Miles
Surface: 42% Single-Track, 48% Double-Track, 10% Pavement
Cutoff: 125 Hours
Elevation Max: 9,241'
Elevation Min: 1,996'
Estimated Cumulative Gain: 40,143'
Estimated Cumulative Loss: 34,907'

Sedona Canyons 125 Course Overview
Distance: 125.8 Miles
Surface: 58% Single-Track, 25% Double-Track, 17% Pavement
Cutoff: 75 Hours
Elevation Max: 6,458'
Elevation Min: 3,258'
Estimated Cumulative Gain: 14,775'
Estimated Cumulative Loss: 12,463'

Elden Crest 38 Course Overview
Distance: 38.9 Miles
Surface: 65% Single-Track, 26% Double-Track, 9% Pavement
Cutoff: 27 Hours
Elevation Max: 7,491'
Elevation Min: 6,633'
Estimated Cumulative Gain: 3,964'
Estimated Cumulative Loss: 3,873'

Elevation Profiles


Sedona Canyons 125

Elden Crest 38

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