Friday, Feb 11, 2022

Frigus Snowshoe Festival

Moreau lake State Park - 605 Old Saratoga Road

Gansevoort, NY Marathon, 36 Hour Ultra, 15K, 5K, Kids Race - 1 mile

Registration closes: Thu, Feb 10 @ 12:01AM


The Endurance Society's annual Snowshoe Festival

Kids Race will be 1 mile loop or out and back
The 5k will be a single loop with about 750' of gain
*see course description for details on completing the 5k and kids race together.
The 15k will be a single loop with approximately 2300’ of gain
The Marathon will consist of three loops, each with approximately 2300’ of gain. Marathon will have a cutoff, of 10 hours. See Course description for more details.
36 Hour Ultra will run as many laps as possible on the 15K Course. 2300' per loop.


36 HOUR ULTRA STARTS 6:00 AM Friday, February, 11, 2022
ALL other DISTANCES START 8:00 AM SATURDAY, February 12th, 2022

All participants will receive a finisher award. The top male and female racers of each distance will also receive awards. Swag is TBD - but will be some combination of winter hats or shirts, and or possible cool endurance society gear.
Currently there are no Covid -19 restrictions, However we will follow any NYS Guidelines regarding Recreational Gatherings.

SNOW SHOE RENTALS: Snow Show Rentals will be available on a first come first serve basis, We typically have a limited number of pairs from Dion and Moreau lake also has rentals available.

MANDATORY GEAR: Snowshoes, (it is a snowshoe race). Map of the park for 15k and Marathon (this will be provided, but can also be downloaded from Moreau lake website). Headlamps and glowstick for anyone in the Marathon after 3:00 PM. Sunset is Approximately 5:25. For the 36 hour Ultra a gear list will be communicated to you directly.

We will have fires on the beach to keep warm.
Restrooms will be Port-a-John in the parking lot and there is a really nice shed with a composting toilet that you pass on the course just before you head into the woods at the warming hut. this is .5 mile in to the race.
Hot Food and Aid will be at the Finish line and or for the marathon split.


All distances will have the same start and finish, on the beach in front of the nature center. All Distances will have a Lake Crossing option. Runner will have the option of not crossing the lake if they are not comfortable, and Course will not go across lake if it is not safe. Park officials will determine if not safe.
1 mile Kids Race - For those who want to race with your kids and still participate in the other distances we have that covered. The kids race will start on the same course as the other distances and run the first .5 miles on a flat wider wooded trail that wraps the shoreline of the lake. At .5 miles where all other distances branch off into the more difficult portion of the race, the kids race will loop back across the frozen lake (or if not frozen will turn around and head back). Finishing back at the beach. Parents can drop their children with another adult, and take a alternate route to re join their race at the 1.5 mile mark. This will not save distance, elevation or time. If anything will add a few tenths of a mile and make the elevation profile steeper.

5k - The 5k will start on the same course as the other distances and run the first .5 miles on a basically flat wider wooded trail that wraps the shoreline of the lake. Reaching the "Warming hut" Runners will cross the road and head into a 1 mile easy gradual climb gaining about 450 ft while twisting through the trees and crossing a few wet spots. This should all be frozen over but be prepared if it is warm. at 1.4 miles you will reach the high spot on the course and it will split from the 15K to the right and traverse across a ridge. After about .5 miles you will meet up with the 15K and marathon course again work another .5 miles back to the lake and continue along the perimeter of the lake. It becomes a faster more runnable course at this point. For the last quarter mile, you will reach the lake across from the beach and will traverse across frozen lake for a wide open and fast finish at the beach. ( If Lake ice is not adequate or if runner chooses they can follow the perimeter of the lake back to the beach).

15K - The 15k course will start and finish the same as the 5k. At 1.4 miles into the 5k the 15 will branch off and go up a fun and easy climb with some new switchbacks for the next half mile until it reaches the races high point. From this, it traverses a plateau, and soon heads downhill for a good mile, of fast runnable terrain. After a second small hill of about 800 ft., you will have completed almost all of the elevation gain for the 15k at about mile 4.5. From here the next mile is fast and all downhill for about .75 miles until you hit a parking lot. the race turns and heads into a thick wooded, winding area for the next few miles and eventually meets up with the back end of the 5K race.

Marathon - Marathon will be 3 laps of the 15K. For the Marathon, There will be a cutoff. The race is being held at a State park and although the trails are not officially closed, the parking lot will close at 7 PM. We want everybody who can finish to have the chance, but we also don't want anyone stuck in the park overnight. Cutoff time will be 10 hours. And anyone looking to head out for the last lap past 3:00 will have to consider whether they can finish on time. With that being said, if you plan ahead and don't need to leave a car in the lot, we can discuss whether it is an option to finish after the cutoff.
If you do leave the park after 7:00 keep in mind it is about another mile to the front gate of the park from the finish line. Please talk to the Race Director in advance, if this is any concern. Marathon racers will have have three items of mandatory gear. 1) headlamp for any racer heading out for last lap after 1:00. Sunset is 5:25. 2) Glow sticks in case headlamp fails. 3) Map of Moreau lake which will be provided.


The 36 Hour Ultra Is a new race and a will be a very tough challenge. It will live up to the Endurance Societies Mission to create unique, life-changing, and mind-blowing experiences for adventure enthusiasts. Although we can never predict the conditions, past years at Frigus have been brutally cold temperatures. Participants will do as many 9 mile laps as possible climbing 2300' each lap. A minimum of 60k or 4 laps will be required to be a Finisher. That's just a nice easy pace of 1 mile/ hour. The winners will be Male and Female with the most laps.
For the Race, The Endurance Society has reserved 6 Rustic wooded cabins to be used for the participants in the ultra. As part of your race registration, you will have a 3 night reservation in a shared cabin, for your use from Thursday Feb, 10th until Sunday Morning checkout on Feb, 13th. Cabins will have your own bed, have electricity, electric heaters, and wood stove, and Mini Fridge. Outside, there is a picnic table and fire pit, and as part of the race we will keep at least 1 main fire going for the night of the race, and have food and water available throughout. The course will run right past your cabin so this will be your drop station as well. We will have an aid station and check in after each lap. The race will be begin at 6:00 AM on Friday Morning, and will run all night and day Saturday, until 6PM.
Due to the park layout and the fact that its winter, there are a few bonus challenges you will have the opportunity to experience. Despite having electricity, they are Rustic and it's winter so we will not have running water. There are no formal Bathrooms or showers. There is a composting toilet and it is a quite nice little house, within a few yards of your cabin, depending on your cabin assignment. Parking for the ultra will NOT be at your cabin. It is TBD, by the park, but plan on snow shoeing in and carrying your gear. I believe the park has sled rentals, but you may want to bring your own. Depending what they give us for parking it could be a up to a mile. The park gates lock at night, and depending on parking we may be locked in. We will be checking in Thursday afternoon and having a pre race meeting Thursday evening. The race will start 6 AM Friday morning before the park opens.
PRICING AND REGISTRATION NOTE: cabins are arranged with a combination of single bunk beds and Full size beds. Registration is capped at 18 racers due to a total bed count of 18. If you are racing with a partner and willing to share a full size bed. Have your partner email the RD For a $100 discount on their registration prior to registering. You can split the discount amongst yourselves. There are only 8 slots open for this discount and will be first come.

Local time: 5:39 AM

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