Saturday, Apr 23, 2022

Chippewa 50K, 30k, and 10K

13394 County Highway M

New Auburn, WI 50K, 30k, 10K

Registration closes: Sun, Apr 17 @ 11:59PM

2022 - April 23rd

50k and 10k for 2022 will be on April 23rd


Please read this before registering.
As of 11/23/21 Chippewa is approved for 2022 however Covid-19 could affect the status of the race. For the past several months things have resumed close to normal, and we all hope that trend continues however predicting the future is hard enough without having Covid-19 to deal with.
We will make sure all attempts to host Chippewa is completed but if Covid-19 increases and guidelines are changed outside of our control we will be creative in finding ways to host the event live. For example, last year the 50k was ran on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the 10k the following weekend. Running the race virtual is last thing we and you want done.


Race will start at 8:30am. Course will run to the middle aid station and then return back. Total aid stations for the 30k is 3. Cut off for the 30k is 7 hours with a 3 hour time limit to be meet at the half way point


Race start is 8am.
The course is out and back with two aid stations on the way out (mile 3 and mile 9, then repeat on way back) plus the turn around will have your drop bags with an aid station.


Race starts at 9am. Course is actually 7 miles but 10k sounds better then 11k
Course has plenty of roots, hills, views of lakes, bridge crossings, and all on single track dirt trail.
Full color finishing print to be given to all who complete the race
Top 3 male and female awards
Fully timed and course marked with pink flags. Time limit for the 10k is 2 hours.


Top 3 male / female in the open and masters division. For both the 50k,30k and 10k. .

Course records

In 2021 Rachel Ragonia connects me via email asking about the course and type of shoes to wear. After my response, she tries trail running and some new shoes one week before the event. At mile two when you saw her, you know she was going to run fast, and fast she did. Breaking the long-time CR that has stood since 2012 by little over a minute. Rachel time - 4:34:34 t.

In 2017 Chase Coffey from Altra Shoes ran with Adam Doe to the turnaround. Adam had hopes of a course record after running very strong the previous year. However, he took a stumble and twisted his knee around mile 13 and eventually was not able to finish. Chase hit the turnaround averaging 7:30's and then was left to himself to bring it in. And bring it in he did! Dropped the hammer the second with negative splits of 6:30 on the way back.

Overall Chase Coffey 3:37 -2017
20 and younger Eric Nordgren 3:56:49 – 2012
30 and over Rasmus Hoeg 3:51:27 – 2012
40 and over Brent Roeger 3:56:44 2016
50 and over Jeff Miller 4:14:04 - 2015
60 and over Stephen Clark 5:18:43 – 2021
70 and over Sylan Addink 6:11:32 – 2011
Overall Rachel Ragonia 4:34:34 – 2021
20 and younger Christi Nowak 4:45:53 – 2011
30 and over Helen Lavine 4:41:00 - 2015
40 and over Christine Crawford 4:35:48 – 2012
50 and over Shelly Groenke 5:09:56 -2012
60 and over Jeanne McCurnin 6:21

Course Map

Click Here for Course Map

There is abundance of small hills along both courses. Only one major uphill which is at the finish both races. I would say that there isn't much technical running with lots of rocks and roots however this isn't road running either.
You will interesting landmarks to see along the course. Run next to many lakes such as South Shattuck Lake, Dans Lake and Plummer Lake. 20 other ones to see. Run up rattlesnake hill before heading thru a field, balance your way across Three Sisters boardwalk, Kim's Crossing which is a bridge done in memory of Kim by her Dad after Kim was killed by a drunk driver, and over a 3 foot high by 100 foot long no hand bridge thru tall pines in a swamp.

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I Beat .......... Shirts

The first year that Frontrunner took over the event I came up with the idea of a shirt that read I beat Matt Long on it which was given to people who finished in front of him. The shirt was not mentioned to anyone before the race until 5 mins before the start. The shirt introduction was "since I can not run today due to directing the race, I will not be able to beat my good friend Matt Long, I will then have to live vicariously thru you guys.So who ever finishes in front of Matt will receive on of this shirts." I had my fingers crossed that this would be meet with humor. It was. Matt was a fantastic sport that day. A new shirt with a new name on it is shown 5 minutes before the race. 2018 I beat ????
2017- Joe Boler
2016-Maria (Marie) Burton
2015- Doug Burton
2013-Chris Scotch
2012 Dan Laplante
2011-Misty Swanson
2010- Shelly Thompson
2009 - Matt Long


If you would like to volunteer we can always use the help. Some areas are:
Middle Aid station of the 50k, course marking day before, race set up day before, sweeping, filling aid stations, and help at the end with clean up.

Please contact Jeff at 651-332-9988

500k Club

As of Brook Wheeler Jon Blanchard are the only two that have completed 10 50k races.

Local time: 8:23 AM


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