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March Maniac 11 hour info!

The MARCH Maniac is the companion race to the November Midnight Maniac 13 hour. The course is the same but the time is shorter! This race occurs the night of the SPRING time change (the Midnight Maniac is on the FALL time change, so it is 13 hours). This means during the night we actually lose an hour, so the 11 hour race is 7pm-7am March 12-13.

The loop is 3.7 miles- how many can you complete? There is a chance in March that the weather could be less than hospitable. We don't care! We are welcoming Spring anyway.

More details will follow! Please email me if you have questions at

More Specifics

Event Specifics
Some different things about this race...
11 hours- that is different
I will have coffee, water, Tailwind, grilled meats/veggie burgers and broth.
Awards are bare bones...male and female winners with the most miles will receive free entry into another Happy Cat Events race. I will have finisher medals for 50k, 50 mile and 100k as well.
The T-shirt deadline has passed. I might have one from last year extra if you are interested! .Shirts are not included in the registration fee.
If you questions please send them my way!

About this race:
March 12-13, 7pm-7pm
Wait...isn't that 12 hours?? Nope! It is the time change so you lose an hour!
How many miles can you complete? Can you make it through the entire night?
Join us!

Trail Description
The trail is similar to a fire road, wide enough for a gator to drive through. The surface is crushed rock with some uneven sections and possibly slippery bridges. Terrain is rolling. The course will be lit with glow sticks, but personal illumination is required. Each loop is 3.7 miles.

Here is an email I sent last year

Maybe this answers some questions??
So the loop is 3.7 miles. We will have a "base camp" area set up at the start/finish of each loop. Some will set up an actual tent, but most will just use their car if they want to go get a little sleep during the night. The parking lot is pretty close. There is a picnic pavilion with a grill and indoor restrooms. Some people stop briefly between loops, but others spend quite a bit of time "hanging out" in the base camp area and even sleep for several hours between laps. It just depends on how many miles you are trying to accomplish and how hard you want to push! We will have burgers and hot dogs, coffee and soup plus lots of snack throughout the night. I will send out an email soon asking for what donations of food folks want to bring. The laps are tallied throughout the night on the "honor system". I will have large boards set up on the fence near the loop start and finish where you will mark off laps as you come around. We will do a tally every few hours. There will be a 1.2 mile add on you can do up to 2x when you have completed your last full lap if you want to add a couple more miles.
The trail will be well marked with signs and glow sticks. Without your personal light, it is pitch dark! It is a wide trail with a crushed gravel surface, rolling hills.
As far as what to will need a light and extra batteries. If you have specific food or drink that you like, then bring that and a bottle/bladder. I will have water, soda and Tailwind available, minimal cups.There are picnic tables you can use under the pavilion, but if you want to be a little closer to the loop you might want to bring your own chair and small cooler or table. Assume it will get quite cold overnight, so bring layers of clothes and a blanket in case you sleep in your car.
Some will leave in the night and not stay until 8am. This is fine (although I will REALLY try and get them to stay and not QUIT) and if a 50k or 50 mile is reached I have a medal for that distance and I will award that before they go. It is fun to stay past sunrise though because the trail is beautiful in the daylight!

Local time: 10:44 AM


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