Saturday, Apr 30, 2022

Ridge Route Ultra

32132 Castaic Lake Drive

Castaic, CA 50K, 50k - 2Person Relay, 5-Mile Trail

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 30, 2022

Cancelled Event


Highway in the Sky

You’re out there…on a point-to-point course…surrounded by beauty…on a 100-year old road…

A premier ultra trail race run along the historic Old Ridge Route Road.

Run the historic route high above Interstate 5 from the Ridge Route Ranch to Castaic Lake. Experience the stillness, majestic beauty, and hard work it took to complete that same journey 100 years ago across a landscape that hasn't changed since.

The 50-Miler runs from Grapevine to Castaic. The 40K is the first half, which is over 95% on trails. Runners must climb 4,000’ up the Grapevine, out of the Central Valley, travel through time across Tejon Ranch, California’s largest private nature reserve, and see Southern California untouched, as it was a century ago before reaching the Antelope Valley.
50-Mile runner’s will then join the 50K course along 100-year old pavement, brick, and gravel, high above Interstate 5 on the original Old Ridge Route that traverses the San Gabriel Mountains. The final 10K is back on dirt and descends onto Castaic Lake for the lakeside finish.

The majority of the 50k is on National Forest lands in the San Gabriel Mountains on a 100-year old road that has been closed due to landslides. The ultra's final 10k finishes entirely on the trails in Castaic Lake State Park.

Runners will behold panoramic vistas of the Los Padres National forest to the West, pass historical landmarks along this famous motorway, and gaze down onto beautiful Castaic Lake on their descent.

5-Milers challenge themselves up the canyons on singletrack and groomed fire roads with rewards of beautiful lake views and a lakeside finish alongside the ultra marathon runners.

The Ridge Route Ultra is a fundraiser for the Ridge Route Preservation Organization, working to protect and preserve the 1915 Ridge Route.

The Course

50k Course Route:
28.5 miles with 2,308' vert

Aid Station Cut-Off's:
7:00am - Ridge Route Ranch (mile 0)
8:40am - Tumble Inn (mile 6.5)
9:50am - Reservoir Summit (mile 10.9)
11:15am - Serpentine Drive (mile 16)
12:30pm - Templin Highway (mile 20.7)
1:10pm - Cordova Ranch (mile 22.9)
2:05pm - Castaic Lake (mile 25.9)
3:00pm - Course Closed

5-mile Course Route:
5.33 miles with 883' vert

Local time: 5:36 AM


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