Saturday, Feb 4, 2023

Forgotten Florida 100 Mile / 45 Mile / 15 Mile

3365 Taylor Creek Rd

Christmas, FL 100 Miler, 45 Miler, 15 Miler

Registration Opens Mon. May 30, 2022 @ 10:00 AM ET

Florida's WILD AND BEAUTIFUL trail run

Forgotten Florida 100 Mile

No youre not wading through a swamp with gators and snakes every where!!! There might be some mud and a spot here and there where you go through a puddle or two but this is not a swamp run.

Flat isn't easy and it sure and heck isn't ugly! This race is meant to take you to places even locals have not been to. Explore 99% of the trails in Tosohatchee, Charles Bronson State Forest, Seminole Ranch, Little Big Econ State Forest and then some. This is old Florida... The Forgotten Florida.
The 15 mile is a single loop. The 45 mils is a singular 30 mile loop and then a 7 mile out and back. The 100 miler is a 30 mile loop and then the next 70 miles is essentially an out and back with some loops off of it. So you repeat about 25 miles of it. There is no pavement on ANY of these race courses. Each course is uniquely beautiful and we guarantee the most scenic race in the entire State of Florida. This is a bucket list race.
Our buckle is amazing. Come run this beautiful and life changing race!

. While this isn't close to the fastest race in Florida is is most definitely the most unique and scenic. 100 miles point to point.

45 mile / 15 mile
This race is a mix of rarely traveled single track meandering through Tosohatchee and Seminole Ranch palm groves and pine flat woods. These woods are home to the most beautiful miles of trail in the state. An area time forgot. Come run through Old Florida.

All the runners will likely get many opportunities to see lots of birds. Tosohatchee and Seminole Ranch are home to hundreds of types of birds. From herrons and cranes to bald eagles and spoonbills. This place is just magical beyond words.

Swag / awards

If you are registered by 12/15, runners will be guaranteed a hat and finisher medal for the 45/15 mile. We will do our best to purchase extra items but they won’t be guaranteed after due to supply chain issues

100 milers pint glass , hat and of course a sweet buckle IF you finish. to be guanreteed a buckle you must register by 12/15 due to supply chain issues

Giving back

This race is dedicated to helping maintain the trails we use. We give money to the Florida Trail Association with all of our Florida Races. We will have scheduled work days as well as work with the Florida Trail association to maintain all the trails we use. We encourage to go to and click volunteer. IF you live in Florida come to a work day. If you dont then go volunteer locally at your trails. We will be donating some of the proceeds to the Florida Trail Association.

Cutoff times

33 hours for the 100 mile
13 hours for the 45 mile
5 hours for the 15 miler - it is hiker friendly

As with all of our races we are not able to give refunds, transfers or deferments for any reason.

Local time: 1:23 PM


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