Sunday, Aug 14, 2022 @ 6:30 AM

Mozo Double Up

5781 Mountain Rd.

Stowe, VT 11 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Aug 14, 2022

The Course...

~11 miles , ~5,000' vertical gain

When you pack in around 5,000' of elevation gain on some of the most challenging terrain your feet can find, you know you're in for an adventure. The race starts at the base of Stowe Mountain Resort and ascends Mozo via the Haselton Trail. From there, you'll link up with various spur trails before descending into Underhill (the other side of Mozo). After a short run on some more forgiving terrain, you'll begin your approach back up the grueling Sunset Ridge Trail. Once you reach the Long Trail, you'll link up with some more rugged spur trails before beginning your descent back down the Stowe side via Rimrock and Perry Merrill.

If you think running a basic half-marathon is a pre-requisite for this course, you are mistaken. You should be familiar with mountain running, steep climbs and descents, and negotiating rugged, exposed terrain before considering this race. It will take much longer than a half-marathon (for some a full marathon), and it will be much harder.

Race Qualifier

Due to the capacity limit, you will be required to enter your fastest half-marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon time when you register.  If you do not race often, you may upload a screen shot of a Strava/Suunto or similar route tracking software validating your distance and time credentials. Times must be no more than two years old (we don't care how fast you were in 1999 :-)  And if you're an ultra-runner, awesome.  Simply enter your best time from the past two years so we can confirm you're good to go.  With so many different ultras out there, we just need to know you finished with a respectable time. The general qualifying times are below (they will naturally be slower if you ran a race with lots of elevation - that is OK).

Men half-marathon - 1:45:00  |  Full marathon - 3:30:00
Women half-marathon - 2:00:00  |  Full marathon - 4:00:00
Ultra-marathon: Depends on distance and total elevation gain.

You will be notified if the results you provided are not adequate.

Event's current local time: 1:00 PM ET


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