Saturday, Dec 10, 2022 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 10, 2022


After the incredible success of our inaugural race in December 2023, El Gato Rebelde Ultra is back for a Spring Edition in Miami Beach, Florida, on 04/22/23.

You will run a loop of approximately 2.66 miles of hard sand on the Surfside beach path with beautiful ocean views when heading north. The Surfside buildings will provide some shade in the late afternoon when running south.

This is a 12-hour race starting at 7 AM and ending at 7 PM. Runners will be able to run as many loops as they choose during the duration of the event.

The top 3 runners will be declared after all participants have sent data from their GPS watches at the end of the 12 hours.

El Gato Rebelde Ultra is an event whose sole purpose is to challenge the participants by running loops in a pristine location in a spirit of camaderie.

Finisher medal for all the runners who complete the 12 hours and trophies for the Top 3 runners at the finish ceremony at 7pm in the park.

We have an aid station with plenty of food and drinks and plenty of volunteers to help and support you.

SIGN UP and join us for a truly unique race experience.

Reviews of the 1st edition

"I would like to thank RD Philip Nams and all the volunteers for putting on a first-class race in the first year of El Gato Rebelde!" (Craig S.)

"Thank you for such an amazing experience"(Rafael A.)

"Amazing race!!!!! Thank you!!! (Guillermo M.)

"Thank you, and thank you for putting on an amazing event" (Billy R.)

"Had a great time at your event yesterday!...You guys set a high bar for the inaugural event!" (David D.)

"It was a great event - every part was really well done" (Brendan B.)

"Thank you, Philip, for such an amazing experience for my first Ultra. The volunteers were awesome, and it was always a pleasure to come back to the turnaround knowing you and the volunteers would be right there to jump in with whatever I needed." (Carol H.)

"Thank you, it was such an awesome event, and you did an amazing job taking care of all the runners. I am telling my running friends and planning on doing it again next year" (Annette C.W.)

"It was such an amazing and incredible experience. Thank you @elgatorebeldeultra and all the volunteers for the support" (Natalia F.)

"Massive thanks to Philip for putting on the race. Beyond grateful for all the other racers, crew, and volunteers." (Zac R.)

"Just amazing. Congrats. It was a wonderful event. I'm happy I was part of this" (Ethel B.)

"This was empowering for sure. Amazing staff; they made sure we never had to fill our own bottles with their extensive and attentive volunteers on hand. Plenty of food, wonderful camaraderie"

Local time: 8:51 PM


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