Saturday, Jun 10, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

Cotter Bridge Ultra

321 Big Spring Park

Cotter, AR Last Runner Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 10, 2023

Last Runner Standing

Note: This event used to be a last runner standing. We are working to remove Last Runner Standing as a registration option.
The 2024 event will only host a 6, 12, and 24 Hour option.

The New Arkansas Backyard

Formerly known as the Arkansas Backyard Ultra Championship, we present you the Cotter Bridge Ultra.
A one of a kind event that blends our previous format with a unique concept.

How it works

This is a timed event with a twist.

At 7am, all runners start a 4.1667 mile lap. All runners have 59 minutes and 59 seconds to finish the lap.
At 8am, all runners start lap #2.... and so forth.

On lap #6, all 6 Hour runners will be racing for time. All 6 hour finishers will have finish time of 5:XX:XX [h:mm:ss] that determines his or her respective place.

Runners competing in 12 or 24 hours will continue until their respective race.

6 Hours = 25 Miles

12 Hours = 50 Miles

24 Hours = 100 Miles

Event's current local time: 5:05 PM CT


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