Saturday, Aug 26, 2023

Secret Beach 100K/50K

Gold Beach, OR 100K, 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 26, 2023

Event Description

Secret Beach 100K/50K is a one of a kind ultra event that takes place on the beautiful, and rugged southern Oregon Coast! Participants will run along this stunning coast line through sand, single track trails, and some road, a little bit of everything! Be sure to bring your camera, because non stop views await!

Course Description

The 100K is an out and back that runs from the Gold Beach Visitors Center, south along the Oregon Coast Trail, to House Rock Viewpoint, and back. It starts at 6AM, has 12,400 ft. of elevation gain, and the cutoff time is 18hrs. The 50K is a point to point, starting at House Rock Viewpoint, and ending at the Gold Beach Visitors Center. It starts at 9AM, has 6,000 ft. of elevation gain, and the cutoff time is 10hrs. While the elevation profiles may make these races seem somewhat "easy", please know that this course runs on the slow side. The climbs are short, but they are often steep, and some of the single track can be rough, and technical. The sand on the beaches can be very soft, and the headwinds can be quite challenging. We will try our best to have the original course on race day, but sometimes mother nature is unpredictable, and we have had to reroute in the past due to high tides, and high river crossings.

Aid Stations and Cut Offs

The 100k has 5 aid station stops, all about 10 miles apart. The 50k has 2 aid stations about 10 miles apart. They are full aid stations all offering water, electrolyte drink, soda, fruit, and various snacks.

Myers Beach, mile 10.8
Arch Rock, mile 20.2
House Rock, mile 30.7, cut-off 3:30 pm
Arch Rock, mile 41.2, cut-off 6:20 pm
Myers Beach, mile 50.6, cut-off 8:50 pm
Finish Line, mile 62, cut-off 12AM

Arch Rock, mile 10.5, cut-off 12:30 pm
Myers Beach, mile 20.1, cut-off 4:00 pm
Finish Line, mile 31, cut-off 7PM

Event's current local time: 4:19 AM PT


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