Sunday, Nov 5, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

The View Trail Race

161 Sportsman's Lane

North Bend , PA 25K, 15K

This Event Took Place Sun. Nov 5, 2023


A fourth year event to give runners a chance to run parts of the Hyner Challenge in the fall. The 25K will be modified to bypass Johnson Run but still give everyone the challenge Hyner is known for. The View, Post Draft, SOB, and Huff Run will remain as the main trails used for this event. And again for 2023, we'll be offering the 15K option. You'll follow the 25K up to the View and then split from the course at mile 5.5 and head back using the Huff Run Trail. It's a great option for those not looking for a 25K distance but still wanting to get to the View.


Registration opens December 18th and is open to the first 500 runners. PLEASE.... serious runners/hikers only. Do not sign up if you only plan on walking the course. The daylight hours are shorter this time of year and we expect everyone to be done within 6.5 hours. This course will be "slightly" easier and even a little shorter than the usual Hyner 25K. Expect 3000 feet of elevation gain over 15 miles. If you're not ready for the 25K, give the new 15K option a try.

Registration Rules

There are NO REFUNDS, DEFERRALS, BIB SWITCHES, or BANDITS for this event. No exceptions!!! If you don't like our policy for this race, PLEASE refrain from signing up.

Event's current local time: 8:45 AM ET


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