Saturday, Jun 8, 2024

Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run

PO Box 61

Vashon Island, WA 50K, 20 Miler, 10 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 8, 2024

2024 Recap

We welcomed back runners from as far away as Belgium and Lebanon, with sunny weather and dry trails.
In the 50k race, 26-year-old Cruz Ortiz-Ramirez, currently in the Army at JBLM, won with a time of 3:58:59. Also winning, and shaving four minutes off her time from last year, was Kristi Williams from Seattle. She won with a time of 4:11:08, completing a two-year sweep as women's champion and securing the second fastest woman's time on the course ever.
The first islanders across the line were Timothy Cose at 4:13:11, followed by Rusty Knowler and John Payne.
First-year race director Nick Keenan introduced a new 20 mile distance this year to add to the usual 10 mile and 50k races. Keenan said he was inspired by the thoughtfulness of island runner Tory Hayes, who, during her 20 miler, took time out of her own race to help and accompany an injured runner who had fallen — helping that runner get to a roadway to catch a ride back to race headquarters at the Gateway Trail entrance. The race volunteers included the trail marking crew led by Casey Lawrence, "Heavy Metal" aid station captains Dave Woelki and Nick Wiggins, and HQ aid station captains Megan Minier and Kelly Keenan. Timing was a team effort by brothers Bruce and Tom Cyra, Joe Yarkin, David Waterworth and Keller Cyra.
Nineteen-year-old Seattleite Isla Chadsey set a new course record — 2:48:58 — in the inaugural 20 mile race, winning by ten minutes. Winning the men's race and setting the inaugural course record at 2:36:35 was Paul Young from Seattle, a familiar face in Island trail races. Young holds top ten times in the 10 mile and 50k distances here on Vashon. Young only had a few minutes to prepare for the race on Saturday after the north end ferry fiasco delayed his arrival. The first islander across the line for the 20 mile race was James Ianelli at 3:25:00. Lebanese native Bachir Gemayel, who lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was in Washington to take part in a mountain climbing class and made a short detour to the island to race, coming in sixth overall with a time of 3:03:31.
Also showing up five minutes before race time, due to the ferry fiasco, was 10 mile winner Keith Laverty of Bainbridge Island, accompanied by his family fan club to cheer him on. He came in at 1:03:51, just shy of his time in 2019. Laverty owns the second and third fastest times on the 10 mile course.
The women's 10 mile champion was islander Julia Mark, running a time of 1:16:22 and moving up to fourth all-time fastest in the top 10 chart. Mark was part of the large Pop Pop Bottle Shop Racing Team, which also included Wyatt Golding, the first islander in the 10 mile, who finishing with a time of 1:15:57.
The 10 mile field was rounded out by 86-year-old Bob Norton and 71-year-old Sue Rudolph from Huntington Beach, California. Norton, who was born on Vashon Island, is a repeat returnee, competing nine times since 2012. The duo finished with a time of 4:11:50. Rudolph has been racing ultramarathons for 32 years; Norton, 42 years.
Two runners had to drop from the races due to allergic reactions to stings from a nest of bees at the three mile mark, and while both were tended to at the Fire Station in uptown Vashon, one had to be transported to Tacoma General for observation. Both recovered and look forward to returning next year.
The course was "swept" after the races by island cross country runners and supporters, led by past Captain Madeline Yarkin and incoming Captain Josh Healey.
Work crews from Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust and King County Parks Department groomed the trails into perfect condition, and thanks go out to those crews, whose work was repeatedly mentioned by the trail runners.

Day of Race

Guaranteed to be snow free!
No UTMB Stones!
Not a Hardrock Qualifier!
There are no refunds (contact the RD about roll-overs, which are only granted for reasons outside the control of the runner)
There will be day-of-race registration, 50k registrants first, then 10 and 20 mile registrants at 8:30 after 50k'ers leave.

Camping on Friday night is an option. Please email us to confirm you are planning to camp prior to arriving. Camping will be in the big grass field at the start/finish, near SW 178th and 103rd SW, with porta-potties and water in jugs. Thank you!

Live tracking through UltraSignup
7 am – 8:15 am: 50k Bib/t-shirt Pickup

8:15: 50K Race Course Briefing / Announcements

8:30 am: 50K Race Start

8:30-9:15 am 10 and 20 mile Bib/t-shirt Pickup

9:15: 10 Mile Race Course Briefing / Announcements

9:30 am 10 and 20 Mile Race Start

12 noon
Post Race Food with Refreshments

2:30 pm
Cut-off for last 20 mile and 50K runners heading out on third loop

5:30 Course closes

At the two checkpoints (out about 6 miles every lap, and back at the start/finish/turnaround) there will be:
Mt. Dew
Tailwind (sugar),
Potato Chips
Oranges sliced
Bananas halved
Gels (Gu )
Stroop Waffles (Gu)
Various junk food - paydays, + whatever the Captains think up

Energetic and enthusiastic helpers.
We come back through base camp every ten (+) miles, where there will be a spot for drop bags, also, Aid Station 1, at 6/16/26 miles also will have a car bringing drop bags out, if you want one there as well.
ADA Accommodation procedure: Please review the USATF Safe Sport Handbook here for compliance with our harassment policy. We are an entirely volunteer event, a non-profit charity, and therefore cannot offer refunds once registered. Email us about how to exchange your entry to another person! Our policy is in line with other ultra/trail events, and are more generous than some.

Trail Sister Approved!

While running can seem to be egalitarian and accessible to all, that is not necessarily the case. We have always tried to treat everyone alike at our events, and realize those attempts may not make it so. We are happy to be Trail Sister Approved, which means that we have promised to abide by certain minimum standards, and strive to go above and beyond. Trail Sisters Approved is a standard to identify and promote races who abide by standards. These standards were developed and set forth by a team of women trail racers. These standards are a starting point, as there is much more that can be added, but the goal is to start moving forward and making progress. We have always have had Equal Podium Spots, Equal Awards. Menstrual products at aid stations and Equal opportunity/space for women on the starting line. For more information, contact us and visit the Trail Sister website,
We conform to the WSER pregnancy deferral policy,
We conform to SheRaces guidelines

Course Details

Where does the course go?

All races will embark from the same start line/finish line at the Gateway Trail system near SW 178th and 103rd SW.. Porta Potties are at 0, .5, 1.4 and 6 miles. If "going" in the woods, please step off the trail and be discrete. A map/course GPX will be emailed to entrants a week prior to the event as the course passes through private property, and we want to keep traffic down on those portions to keep friendly relations. Otherwise, go on to Strava and look up the course from past winners/runners. The first 1/4 mile will be dirt road, then taking runners into Island Center Forest’s Gateway Trail system.

Runners will get their first exposure to the Gateway Trail – one of the newest additions to ICF’s trail system. Runners will travel around in a general clockwise direction, first heading to the 188th lot, onto the 188th Trail, Valley of the Firs, Grinder, Mikes and Craigs, middle and north trails, borrow pit, to AS1 at Fisher Pond, around the pond to 115th, then back into the ICF and around Mukai Pond and the perimeter of Dragons Head Cider Farm. There, you only have a mile to go to the finish/AS2/turnaround. As usual the course will be clearly marked – but runners should remain alert just the same. The course will basically travel the interior and perimeter of the park, ending up back at the Start/Finish, where the 10 milers will finish and the 50k runners will head back out on Gateway Trail for two more loops.

Aid stations will be located at miles 6 and 10. 50k runners will pass each aid station 3 times.

What is the terrain like?

This rolling race course will include primarily single track and double track park trails, with some dirt roads, gravel driveways, grass shoulders and short sections of paved road.

The elevation change is about 770 feet per loop. Though don’t let that fool you – while generally short in distance, there are some nice steep hills in the mix on this course. Very little of this course qualifies as flat.

Technically the trails are mostly well groomed and free of obstacles and hazards. That said there are sections of the trail where footing will be challenged by roots, downed logs, or quick turns and sharp changes in elevation. Staying alert is important.

Will the course be closed to the public?

No. Runners will be running on both public and private land. While the Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail run has permits and permission for all properties that runners will be accessing and crossing – those permits and permissions do not include exclusive use of those trails. Runners should be aware of their surroundings and should anticipate encountering equestrians, pedestrians and bicyclists. Please be courteous and review the Vashon Island Ultramarathon Trail Rules for trail etiquette. Also when crossing and running on paved roads runners should yield to all motorized vehicle traffic.

The Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run course map and detailed description will be emailed to runners in the week prior to race. Thanks for your patience!

Youth Certified Trail Race

Youth Certified Trail Race - we are partnering with the American Trail Running Association, and USATF, to raise awareness of of trail races among young runners. Runners 18 years and younger have discounted registration prices. Two scholarships are available under this program as well to qualified applicants, please email the Race Directors.

Getting here

Getting to the Race: Ferry ScheduleCheck back frequently as WA DOT is switching to a three boat schedule sometime this year. Heading South from North End Ferry Dock (Arriving from Southworth or Fauntleroy):

When exiting the Ferry Dock you will stay to the left and head up the hill on the Vashon Hwy
Continue South on Vashon Hwy, turn right on SW 178th (movie theater)
Follow signs to parking area.
If arriving Friday to camp out, camp in the lot where posted.

Heading North from Talequah Ferry Dock (Arriving from Pt. Defiance/Tacoma):
When exiting the Ferry Dock turn left onto Vashon Hwy
Continue North on Vashon Hwy until in town, turn left on SW 178th (Chevron)
Follow signs to park.

Vashon Island is only accessible by ferry boat. You can walk or drive onto the Washington State Ferries that service Vashon. We recommend you drive or plan to carpool if you walk on. It is important that you plan ahead so that you are not stuck in the ferry line or on the boat as race time approaches! If you get stuck, jump out, run onto the boat, and look for a ride to town.

Recommended boats are as follows:

From West Seattle/Fauntleroy – 50k runners your last ferry is at 5:10 am (!) due to the lousy two-boat schedule.
From Pt. Defiance/Tacoma– 50k runners your last ferry is at 7:35 am (6:45 am recommended);
From Southworth – – 50k runners your last ferry is at 7:20 am (6:55 am recommended).
Beware of over-loads and to be safe take the recommended ferry, carpooling is also recommended. If you cannot drive onto the “last ferry” due to over-loads, walk on and ask for a ride/hitch-hike with other racers on the boat.

10 Milers, while you have an extra hour to get to the start finish – beware that Saturday morning ferries coming to Vashon in Summer months tend to overload the later in the day you get. We highly recommend you catch the last boat for 50k.

ATRA Event Standards

Our events live up to the ATRA Event Standards.

Race Organization – We have been producing these running events since 2010, have always had the proper paperwork, permits, insurance in place. We are a non-profit charitable corporation overseen by a board of directors, founded to raise money for youth athletics.
Logistics – We have always had the necessary permits and insurance, and by the USATF sanctioning, include waivers for trail running possibilities.
Event Information and Registration – All important information is on our UltraSignUp website. We no longer hand out packets full of leaflets and brochures which can easily be found online.
Entry limits – We limit participants to 200 in order to ensure minimum environmental impact and safety.
Course – The course is accurately described and marked, is available in GPX/PDF, and is marked with removable, non-permanently impacting markings.
Environment Awareness – Our event is environmentally friendly, and we clean up after ourselves. We have minimum impact.
Safety – We have plans, multiple race marshals, medical, and communication in place to help keep our events safe for the participants and the public. We publicize and let agencies and the public of our event.
Time Limits – We have generous but limited time for runners to finish their event, which is well communicated so there are no surprises.
Rules, Fairness and penalties – Please review our race rules on our website and the available PDF. We abide by USATF rules.
Some common rules: This is a foot race.
Dogs (and other animals)/Portable Music Players/Spectators – Non-human animal companions are not allowed to accompany runners as we pass through a sanctuary. Once out, dogs under control can run with you as long as they are on leash and do not bother other. Wear headphones with care and the knowledge you may endanger yourself and others by doing so.
Results – The results are tabulated using the UltraSignUp app and live posted, and corrected in the days that follow. Let us know if they are inaccurate.
Awards – Prize bags may be handed out to the mens and womens winners, as well as the first Vashon Islanders across the line.
Delivery of Goods and Services – Are as described on our website. Ask us if not found.
Financial Accountability – We are a Washington State non-profit corporation and IRS 501 (c ) 3 not for profit corporation. Proceeds go to support island youth athletics.
Additional Considerations – Our events are a plus to the local community, which is involved as much as possible.

USATF Safe Sport Sanction

For the safety of our athletes, USATF adopted the USATF Safe Sport Program. Safe Sport at USATF aims to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse, bullying, hazing, harassment, physical abuse, and emotional abuse in the sports of track & field, long distance running, and race walking. Our goal is to create a clear culture of awareness to protect the participants in our sports at all levels.

This USATF Sanctioned Event Organizer is required to be in compliance with USATF’s Safe Sport Program. The Organizer is subject to the jurisdiction of USATF and/or the U.S. Center for SafeSport (“USCSS”), including with regard to the investigation and resolution of any allegations that such Organizer may have violated any USATF Safe Sport policies, Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policies (“MAAPP”), or the SafeSport Code.

Further, the Organizer is subject to any action taken by the USCSS or USATF as a result of such allegations, including without limitation, suspension, permanent suspension, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities, all as set forth in the USCSS Policies and Procedures.





Please read this document - Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP).

Event's current local time: 6:29 PM PT


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