Saturday, Sep 28, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

Little Dog's Backyard Ultra

Bell Buckle, TN Last Runner Standing

Registration closes: Fri, Sep 27 @ 11:59 PM CT


It has been a long time since the Big Dog's Backyard Ultra was a small, grassroots event, and we miss that. Not that we don't all love the big race, with the intensity and the drama. But, there is still a place in our hearts for the no-frills, timed on a wristwatch, sitting around the campfire with hot dogs and belly washers when you're done, good-old-timey backyard ultra (the kind your momma used to tell you about).
So, three weeks before the Big Dog's show, we are going to hold the Little Dog's down home version of a backyard ultra. We will beat down the track for the ones who will follow. We will swap lies, take bets on how many runners step to the starting line next hour, and cheer (or tease) the remaining runners until there is only one.

Event's current local time: 2:14 PM CT


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