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Death by Staircase

A celebration of trails and community!

Traverse a 3.8 mile loop including the infamous staircase of death! Join a team or run solo to see who can survive. The course includes the very rugged staircase of death, climbing over 800 feet in less than a mile then plummeting down the other side and finishing up with a fast, runnable couple of miles back to the start.

Runners may choose to join a relay team, or run solo; running as many laps within the time frame as they can.
Or join the Fun Run, running between 1 and 3 laps as you please.

Where and When

Death by Staircase will take place over 12 hours from 8am to 8pm on June 8th.

The race will start from the Overlook Trailhead parking lot by the Moreau beach.
Starting Location

Runners can start whenever they choose, without extending beyond 8pm.

How does it work?

  • Run as many loops as you'd like or are able!
  • Runners in the 6 hour and Fun Run can choose their start time. Sleep in and show up when you like!
  • No designated order or lap requirements for relays. One runner may run 10 laps while others run 1 if they choose.
  • You will not be allowed to start a lap after 7:30pm.(unless you have shown to be able to complete it within that frame)
Fun run:
  • Come to run one lap or up to 3 if you feel up to the challenge.
  • No time constraints. You can run one lap at 8am and one at 7pm if you like. Enjoy the festivities or the beach or take a nap if you desire!


Event's current local time: 6:12 AM ET


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