Friday, Nov 8, 2024

Endurance Hunter

40 Blackhawk Trail, Chatsworth, GA 30705

Chatsworth, GA 100 Miler, 50 Miler

Registration closes: Mon, Nov 4 @ 11:59PM ET

Race Highlights

• Breathtaking Georgia Views: Explore spectacular waterfalls, overlooks, and mountain vistas.
• Trail Composition: 83% singletrack and 17% gravel
• Generous Time Cutoffs: 45-hour limit so everyone has a better chance to finish (27 min pace)
• Elevation Challenge: 20,000 feet gain for 100 milers, 10,000 for 50 milers.
• Exceptional Aid Stations: 12 fully stocked stations with food, drinks, and medical support.
• Live GPS Tracking: Family and friends can follow the race live from anywhere
• Diverse Trail Composition: Tackle flowy and technical trails through Pinhoti and Fort Mountain.
• Well-Marked Route: Clearly flagged and signed routes for easy navigation.
• Professional Media Coverage: Free race videos and photos documenting your journey.
• Entertainment Stations: Each aid station will be themed uniquely such as Disco, Western, Space
• Attractive Prizes: $500 and free entry for first male & female, plus $250 for record breakers.
• Custom Awards: Distinct awards for Overall, Masters, and Grand Masters categories.
• Quality Race Swag: Receive a high-quality athletic shirt or stylish race hat.
• The most BADASS Belt Buckle: Claim the ultimate ultra running trophy.

What's new for 2024?

• Refined Course Design: A 50-mile loop (done twice) keeping popular highlights and removing less favored parts.
• Optimal Timing: Moved from April to November to capitalize on cooler weather and enhanced views.
• Extended Time Limits: Up to 45 hours for the 100-miler and 24 hours for the 50-miler.
• Scenic Start/Finish: Located at the picturesque Global Youth Ministry on Fort Mountain.
• Accommodation Deals: Discounted rates at a host hotel for convenience before, during, and after the race.
• Crew-Friendly: Access is allowed at all 12 aid stations.
• Enhanced Comfort: Hot food and warming tents available at every aid station.
• Crew Access: Simplified course layout for easier crew access to aid stations.
• Improved Signage: Increased route signage for better navigation.
• Supportive Maps: Detailed maps provided for crew to easily navigate to aid stations.
• No Shuttle Wait: finish at the host hotel and your car to get you home faster.

Course Description

Signs and flagging mark the entire 100 mile (20,000 feet of elevation gain/loss) and 50 mile (10,000 feet of elevation gain/loss) course. Maps will also be provided and each racer will be assigned a GPS tracker for the entire race so race staff, support crews, and family can track you during your journey. The race starts at the Global Youth Ministry with runners heading down to the Pinhoti Trail to pick up the Pinhoti Connector to Fort Mountain State Park. Once in Fort Mountain runners will pick up the famous Gahuti Trail and then back to the Connector. Once back on the Pinhoti (5) Trail takes runner up to the Pinhoti (4) and (3) Trails. When runners hit Mulberry Gap Rd., they will run the road NW to Old CCC Camp Rd to aid station #4. Pick up the Pinhoti (1) Trail to Bear Creek Trail to pop back out on the Old CCC Camp Rd and head back to aid station #4. From here runners will then head down the Pinhoti (2) to Mulberry Gap Rd to then run the Pinhoti (3) Trail again to the Global Youth Ministry. This is the 50-mile loop done twice to complete the 100 miles. 22,000 feet of elevation gain/loss and one of the most challenging courses in North Georgia.
All course maps and data breakdown available on our website at

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Top 3 awards in each class below.
1. Overall Men - 1st in 100-mile receives $500 and next year's entry. $250 prize to anyone who breaks the 100 mile course record: Males 23:34:32
2. Overall Women - 1st in 100-mile receives $500 and next year's entry. $250 prize to anyone who breaks the 100 mile course record: Female 24:10:05
3. Overall Men - 1st in 50 Mile receives next year's entry.
4. Overall Women - 1st in 50 Mile receives next year's entry.
5. Masters Men (50-59)
6. Masters Women (50-59)
7. Grand Masters Men (60 and older)
8. Grand Masters Women (60 and older)


No cutting of the designed course. All flags must be punched to receive credit for the entire course. Details in pre-race email.
Listen and follow all instructions from race staff / medical personnel during the race.
Be courteous to other runners and day hikers.
You may only receive the aid within 100 feet of an aid station or water station that allows crew access
No littering. Take in, take out.
Trekking poles are allowed.
The Race Director has the sole discretion of the administration of any violations of the race rules ranging from a time penalty, up to and including disqualification.
Pacers allowed after aid station #5 (Mulberry Gap) and support crews welcome the entire race.

What We Provide

1. Challenging ultra trail run with the best views in North Georgia!
2. GPS Trackers and Live race updates during the race for family and friends at home to stay connected with your progress.
3. Full media teams will produce professional race videos and photos for the entire race which will be available to racers after the race for free.
4. Race long sleeve shirt (unisex tee) OR race hat.
5. (12) Fully stocked aid stations.
6. Solo drop bags.
8. Finisher buckle
10. Post-race meal.


100 Mile Start: Friday November 8th at 12:00 pm Cut-off is 45 Hours or 9am on Sunday. 
50 Mile Start: Saturday November 9th at 9:00 am  Cut-off is 24 Hours or 9am on Sunday.
100 mile Package Pick-up - Friday, November 8th from 9am to 11:45am at Global Youth 40 Blackhawk Trail, Chatsworth, GA 30705.
50 mile Package Pick-up - Saturday November 9th from 7am to 8:45am at Global Youth 40 Blackhawk Trail, Chatsworth, GA 30705.

2021 Video by Nomadic Matt!

Refund Policy

We understand things happen. No refunds will be issued; however, you may transfer your entry to another racer in the same event without a penalty until 5 days before the event. You are responsible for finding a person interested in buying your entry as well as working out payment with them. Entries do not transfer to other events nor do they transfer year to year. If you would like to sell your entry to another racer, please contact with the name and email of the person to whom you wish transfer your entry.

Event's current local time: 11:57 AM ET


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