Saturday, May 3, 2025 @ 8:30 AM
Registration closes: Wed, Apr 30 @ 11:59 PM ET

Trail Time; Training Time !

Neatly nestled away, Roosevelt Forest in Stratford, will be brought to life with the 10TH and final running of the Forgotten Forest 9 Hour Ultra Trail Event. The Ultra will run from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on a single and double track loop with about 131 feet elevation gain each loop. All Racers, Runners, Joggers, Hikers and Walkers are invited to participate in this very friendly event with great SWAG, guaranteed to the first 25 registered. Being softer than pavement, a trail race is great training for a road ultra, too. Do as many miles or hours as you wish and get to know what works with shoes, shirts, hydration, food, etc. Please, understand experience on a trail is mandatory for safety, so a little practice is warranted. What is doable is 30, 40 or 50 miles; do that here and you are almost guaranteed to buckle (100 miles) this Summer in the epic Centurion 33 hour ultra or other, like the Forbidden 30 hour ultra on October ! A very important thing to note is, this is limited to only 25 participants meaning you are not one of 200 to 400 participants, so this is "your personal race for your personal best" (later: invitation only)!


There will be an award for 1st to 5TH with the most amount of miles in the fastest time. Also, an Ultra Medal for anyone participating over 4 hours. You will travel over a well marked single or double track trail with signs and arrows with about 131 feet elevation gain each loop; no getting lost ! (note: hill training will help).


For this rooseveltforestultra, Pacers are allowed after 4 our hours, they must sign a waiver and get a wristband at the pavilion before pacing; in this race there is no charge for a Pacer; Pacers and Crew can volunteer during down time for volunteer credits for other races like the Vermont 100 or Western States. Pacers and Crew are at their own risk and liability. FYI: "NO BRACELET AND FOUND PACING; PARTICIPANT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, absolutely no excuses here." Please follow ediquette trail racing rules.Thank you.

"Almost there":

Bib/Swag pick up is at the pavilion and starts at 7AM, please do not enter the forest parking lot before 6:45 AM because final set up is being done. Park "comfortably" close since the parking lot is small, also larger vhicles to the side lot, please (no RV's). The pavilon is the one and only aid sation, so the loop is 2.2 mile and hydration, etc. is needed after every 2 loops; this area can also be used for table, chair and small canopy. Porta potties are right near by, too.
GPS address is 700 Peters, Lane Stratford, CT. Also, note: To maintain the competitive integrity of the event, registration is FINAL. Please understand that there are absolutely no refunds, bib transfers or race deferrals for any reason. CDC/State/Town requirements are strictly applied, is required by Town and/or State. You must be at least 18 years of age. I also agree to a "virtual" race, if Town/State etc. demands. please also review:
This ultra is part of the series. Don't forget the Forgotten ! (contact: email: and text : 203-218-4840)


Lastly, a portion of the proceeds will include the Roosevelt Forest Commission, Veteran's Museum, Stratford Library and others. Also many thanks to the "paid" Volunteers for all thier time and effort; well worth the price in the support of the entrants. They and I thank you for your support. Happy Trails and Safe Travels to and from.

Event's current local time: 8:26 PM ET


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