Saturday, Aug 1, 2015 @ 6:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 1, 2015

Registration Closes July 29

All Registration will close at 11:59pm on Wednesday July 29. There will be no registration at packet pickup or on race day.

Flat, Fast, Wide Course

The course is an old converted rail bed. 99.8% is on dirt, grass, pine needles, crushed stone, or small gravel. In 2014, we had the fastest trail only 50 km times in the US for both Men and Women. Michael Wardian - 3:10:26 and Gina Slaby - 3:39:26.

Access the event web site at or the website button above to get full race information. There is a separate page for the half-marathon at

COVID-19 Information

On August 1, Virginia should be in Phase III of the Forward Virginia Reopening Plan. At this time, we are applying for permits to hold this race. We have had to make drastic changes in our operating procedures, DO NOT assume that what happened in the past will happen in 2020. Some highlights:

With Phase III, gathering size is unlimited. However, some people may feel safer with social distancing. We have designated the color Safety Yellow as the "stay away from me" color. Any person wearing a Safety Yellow top is asking people to respect their space and stay at least 6 feet away. Race shirts will be Safety Yellow.

There will be Limited on Course Aid. Each runner will receive 1 liter of bottled water at miles 8, 15.5 and 22.9 (3 liters total). You will need to carry, from the start, or place in your drop bags, any food you need on the course or additional fluids. There will be other locations along the course with first aid.

Each runner will be allowed drop bags at two locations on the course. Those locations are at miles 8/22.9 and 15.5. Drop bags may be any size.

Bring your own sanitizer. We're in the woods, we have no running water, it's a long race and sanitizer supplies are limited. Race management does not guarantee there will be wash stations or hand sanitizer at the start/finish or along the course. Nor will we clean the porta pots after each use. BTW, there will be porta pots at the start/finish and miles 8, 15.5 and 22.9.

If the race is cancelled, we will give FULL REFUNDS of race entry fees. Local officials may pull our permits at any time. Let's hope for the best. We will not have a virtual option or deferrals to 2021.

In the past, we have had a large tent at the Finish and cooked burgers. We can't do that this year. There will be no tent and all food will be packaged and accessible only by Race volunteers. This includes bottled and canned beverages.

There will be NO post race awards ceremony. Awards will be distributed as runners finish.

To reduce the number of people, and potential infection sources, you will not be allowed to have a crew or pacer. And please, ask your non participating friends to stay at home. COVID-19 is a lower respiratory illness. You will have a very difficult time running if infected. On the other hand, a spectator could hang out and cough up a lung and not feel that bad.

All participants must be at least 18 years old. Sorry, this the first time I needed to add an age restriction.

As always, when you pick up your race number, you will required to sign a Waiver and provide Emergency Contact information. New this year, is a COVID-19 clause that you accept that you may be exposed to the virus. Please do not register for the race and then ask for a refund because of the fear of becoming infected. In this latter case, you probably are already in fear. Expect the same level of the virus as current.

On race day, please don't show up with a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19. There will be other races to run. If you do not run and test positive for COVID-19 or you are quarantined due to possible exposure to COVID-19 between July 15 and August 7, send us the results and we'll give you a FULL REFUND.

Local time: 11:25 PM


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