Saturday, May 20, 2017
This Event Took Place Sat. May 20, 2017


New for 2022- We are still awaiting permit approval for the original Timp Trail Marathon course in Provo Canyon, Utah. If this permit is not granted, we will be running last years course staring at Kawainis park in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We will have this information by January 20th 2022.
Course description is the same for both courses:
You must, know the course, run with someone that knows the course, or be able to follow course description and or GPX course maps.
This is a very challenging marathon course. If you run a 3:30 marathon expect to finish this race between 5-6 hours. There is 5,883 feet of elevation gain on Marathon course. The course is made up of 99.9% mountain trail and fire break roads. The only asphalt that your trail shoes will touch is a few crossing as you traverse northbound at the lower elevations. There are sections of accent and decent that will be technical but extremely scenic. As in the past you may experience snow, rain, mud, potential stream crossings but without a doubt - rocks. Although the distance is that of a traditional marathon, it is anything but traditional. There will not be porta-johns, mile markers, spectators, or volunteers showing you which way to go. You should treat this race course like an ultra-distance race.
This years,

Local time: 1:44 PM


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