Saturday, Nov 4, 2017

Saratoga Trail Run

16055 Sanborn Rd

Saratoga, CA 30K, 1/2 Marathon, 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 4, 2017

Final Results

Saratoga Trail Run

Welcome to the 4th event of the 5 event Bay Area Ridge Trail Series and the 3rd annual Saratoga Trail Run at Sanborn Coutny Park. This park is special to the new owners of PCTR, because of the fun enjoyed here as a child and in later adult adventures. The park has grown over time and provides one of the best staging areas for any trail race. 90% of the trail you will experience will be under the canopy of the beautiful redwoods and lush forest. Choose 50K, 30K, 21K (Half-Marathon), or 10K. Either way, you will be challenged all while enjoying the scenery and fellow trail runners.

All events will start and finish at Sanborn County Park. You will enjoy running under the canopy of massive Sequoia Redwoods along some of the most beautiful single track trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This year, we are adding a 50K distance for our ultra minded runners. The 50K will run north towards San Francisco along the Bay Area Ridge Trail to Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve. For those of you who ran last year, you will remember the course starting and finishing here. With the construction on Sanborn Road now complete, we are able to move the race back to its original home.

- You can register here for the series pass starting Monday January 22nd: Bay Area Ridge Trail Series Pass
- Read the BART article here:

Current BART Series Standings available here

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Go run a trail.

Greg Lanctot
Race Director

Race Information

10/2/18 UPDATE: Added 30 more spots, shirts, and medals. 50K field is looking sweeeeeet!!!! oh, and the others are too ;-)
Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Sanborn County Park / Saratoga Gap / Skyline Ridge / Long Ridge all in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Sanborn County Park
16055 Sanborn Road
Saratoga, CA 95070
PARKING IS $6 --> Please bring a $5 bill and a $1 bill to make entering the park easy for everyone.

Event Distances & Elevation Gains:
- 50K - 8,093 ft
- 30K - 5,329 ft
- 21K – 3,800 ft
- 10K – 2,082 ft

Entry Fees:
- Early Bird - 10K/$40, 21K/$60, 30K/$65, 50K/$75
- Price increases on March 1st and July 1st.
- Add $15 for Race Day Registration if not sold out.

Mail-In Registration
- Click here for the mail in registration form

Start Times:
- 50K - 7:30 AM
- 30K - 8:30 AM
- 21K – 9:00 AM
- 10K - 9:30 AM

Race Director Event Briefing:
15 Minutes before the start of your event.

Cup-Free Racing
Effective January 7, 2018, Pacific Coast Trail Runs is following the lead of other trail races by taking steps to "green" our events. We recommend that all participants carry hydration devices on them during the race. We will sell HydraPouch portable cup with Universal carry clip – hooks easily to shorts, tights, number belts, hydration belts, etc. We will have some for purchase for $10 the day of the event.
Runner Check-in & Bib Pick-up:
50K: 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM
30K: 7:45 AM to 8:15 AM
21K: 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM
10K: 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM

Time Limit & Cut-Offs
- 50K - 9 hours
- 30K - 8 hours
- 21K - 7 hours and 30 minutes
- 10K - 7 hours

If you do not finish under the time limit, then you will receive an unofficial finish.
Cut-off will be strictly enforced at 10:45 AM (21 min/mile pace) to get to the 9.3 Mile Marker at which point you will be turned around for a 30K finish.

Post-Race BBQ:
We take great pride in knowing that when you finish a PCTR trail run, it is of the highest importance that you have a meal and tasty beverage to reward your finish. All entrants receive a "post-race meal ticket" to get the nutrients your body needs right after you finish. Our post-race BBQ chefs are in tune with incredible creations to meet all palates and will always provide a vegetarian option.

Course Information

Course Information
For the 50K Course Map/Elevation Chart/Turn-by-turn click here
Elevation Gain: 8,093
Distance: 31.41 miles

For the 30K Course Map/Elevation Chart/Turn-by-turn click here
Elevation Gain: 5,329
Distance: 18.69 miles

Half Marathon Course Information
For the 21K (Half Marathon) Map/Elevation Chart/Turn-by-turn click here
Elevation Gain: 3,800 feet
Distance: 13.34

10K Course Information
For the 10K Course Map/Elevation Chart/Turn-by-turn click here
Elevation Gain: 2,089 feet
Distance: 6.12 Miles

Aid Stations

Mile 3.0 - Skyline #1 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 6.6 - Skyline #2 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water with Bananas & Tangerines & Trail Mix
Mile 9.35 - Skyline #3 Full Aid Station
Mile 15.3 - Skyline #4 Ridge Pkg Lot Full Aid Station
Mile 21.25 - Skyline #3 Full Aid Station
Mile 24.0 - Skyline #2 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water with Bananas & Tangerines & Trail Mix
Mile 27.6 - GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 31.4 - Finish
Mile 3.0 - Skyline #1 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 6.6 - Skyline #2 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water with Bananas & Tangerines & Trail Mix
Mile 9.35 - Skyline #3 Full Aid Station
Mile 12.10- Skyline #2 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water with Bananas & Tangerines & Trail Mix
Mile 15.7 - GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 18.7 - Finish
Mile 3.0 - Skyline #1 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 6.6 - Skyline #2 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water with Bananas & Tangerines &Trail Mix
Mile 10.3 - Skyline #1 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 13.3 - Finish
Mile 3.0 - Skyline #1 GU Electrolyte Drink & Water Only
Mile 6.0 - Finish

"Full Aid Station": Our full aid stations feature Gu Electrolyte Beverage, Water, Coke, Ginger Ale, Bananas, Tangerines, Watermelon (If in season), and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. We also provide a selection of sweet and salty "Snack Packs" you may or may not find in a kids lunch: Lays Chips, Oreo/Chips Ahoy/Nutter Butter cookies, fruit chews, fruit/veggie squeezes, trail mix, and more.

- Crews are allowed.
- Please be careful of parking your car on the sides of roads

- No Pacers Allowed for any distance at this event

Drop Bags:
- No Drop Bags at any point during this event (except at Start/Finish)
Your car will be very close to the finish line, so that can be used as place to store your belongings also. links and data


Below, you will notice links to the same distance courses. You will notice the slightest of course modifications, and more importantly, a lower level of elevation gain for each distance. Distances, watches, gps devices, apps, and more are all inexact sciences. These are great gauges for you to plan for your event. The elevation charts are the most important feature. From now until race week, we will put together a map that includes all distances and elevations. Thank you for your patience as we create new courses and experiences.

Saratoga Trail Run 10K
Miles: 6.67
Elevation Gain: 1,891

Saratoga Trail Run 21K
Miles: 13.12
Elevation Gain: 3,891
Saratoga Trail Run 30K
Miles: 18.64
Elevation Gain: 4,510 feet

Saratoga Trail Run 50K
Miles: 32.5
Elevation Gain: 6,280 feet

Shirts & Awards

All participants that register by Wednesday, October 10, 2018 will be guaranteed their requested shirt size and material. We will order extra shirts based upon previous race data and relative entries. All late and race day registrants must wait until after the event to pick up their shirt. Signing up last minute will give you a 50/50 shot to receive a shirt of your requested size. On the bright side uou may be generous to gift a different gender and sized shirt to a loved one.

Shirt Material
We have found giving a choice between Cotton and Tech material shirts has made you happy. During registration you will be asked what type of shirt you would like and then you size. To help you with your decision making process, we can tell you the "Tech-Material" (not cotton) shirts are made by Sport-Tek and generally run "loose" and not tight fitting and therefore recommend you order your true size or smaller if you like tight fitting tech shirts. If you select "Cotton Blend", we can tell you they are a high quality shirt and tend to be more fitted than loose like other all cotton shirts.

All finishers will receive a handmade wood medal from Elevation Culture.

50K Finishers will receive a commemorative "Ultra Marathon" coaster from the event.

Top 3 Winners
Top 3 Male & Female Overall Winners in each distance will win dollar value race credit for future Pacific Coast Trail Runs events.
- 1st Place - $75 race credit towards future 2018/2019 PCTR Race
- 2nd Place - $50 race credit towards future 2018/2019 PCTR Race
- 3rd Place - $25 race credit towards future 2018/2019 PCTR Race

Age Group Awards
Each age group winner will receive a special 2018 Age Group Medal. Age Group Award Winners include Top 3 Male & Female in each of the following age group categories:



Volunteers and our amazing PCTR team are what make our trail running events thrive. We pride ourselves in how much we respect and reward our volunteers. Love those 'Go run a trail" shirts? Well, volunteering is the only way to get those. We also like to feed you with our amazing post race BBQ. We also sometimes order other swag like trucker hats or beanies for volunteers depending on the event.

Shall you like to volunteer for one of our events, then please email Greg at RunPCTR@gmailcom.

If you bring a friend or family member and they don't enter events, you earn their credits.
Earn $10 in Race Credits for every hour worked. (4hrs = $40)
Round 1/2 hours up. (5.5hrs = $60)
Earn 2X Credits for bad weather volunteering.
Earn 2X Credits for volunteering for night shifts after 8pm and before 6am.
Volunteer 8+ hour shift and earn $40 bonus credits for event.
Receive the coveted PCTR "Go Run a Trail!" shirt and more.

If you are unable to participate in the event you paid for and miss the 45 or 14 day window because you are unable to run due to injury or under training, and volunteer at the intended event or another event within 30 days of your event, then we will apply 100% race credit for a future PCTR event. You will also receive additional race credits for the hours you volunteered.

Entry fees associated with Pacific Coast Trail Run Events are non-refundable and non-transferable. The amount of time and expense that goes into a PCTR event is high. Contracts, permit fees, awards, shirts, and all things associated with your event happen a long time before your race day. Surely, if many of you wanted a refund because you got injured, become sick, or have to attend a family function, then all trail running companies would be out of business. We also do not transfer entries for numerous reasons. We do, and will provide race credits for a future PCTR event (less registration fees) shall something come up that prevents you from attending the event you paid for.

For 100% race credit towards another PCTR event, you must notify us 45 days before your event. For 50% race credit, you must notify PCTR prior to 14 days before your event. For 25% race credit, you must notify PCTR prior to 72 hours remaining before your event. Your race credits will be valid for one year from the time you earned them.

Clean Sport Pledge

Clean Sport Pledge:
We pledge to support clean sport by inviting to athletes to compete at our events who are committed to training, racing and living clean and not inviting athletes to compete who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We are in favor of random drug testing, especially when there is prize money offered at the event. Our organization also chooses to not work with coaches and agents that have athletes that are currently working with athletes that have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We understand we have a responsibility to protect a level playing field and we will be role models in the community as ambassadors and advocates for clean sport. We pledge to honor clean sport by inviting and supporting clean athletes at our races.

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