Saturday, Feb 10, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

Louisville Lovin' the Hills

10234 Holsclaw Hill Road

Fairdale 40118, KY 50K, 15 Miler, 6 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 10, 2018

The Race

This wonderful challenging race started in 2004 by Eric Grossman. In the beginning there was just the 50k which remains today as one of the hardest 50k's in this part of the country. It is a single track trail through the forest, which is divided into 3 parts. The Red/Orange Trail,(that is the 6 miler today)add the Blue, Yost, and Purple Heart (the 15 miler), add Siltstone and Scott's Gap and you have the 50k. I love these trails and this race! The first 4 years of the race I ran it and it became my New Year's focus each year. It gave me a goal for early in the year and put me in great shape for any other races I wanted to run later. This was my A race and as the race director I am still in love with these hills. Please come join us this year. For any information about the race go to llthplus and If you cannot find what you need to know feel free to call me 502-220-3440. Happy Trails, Cynthia

Training Runs

I will have two training runs prior to the race that will cover the 50k course. As time approaches I will post these dates. These are free and a great way to practice and learn the course prior to the race.

After the Race

After the race we gather in the Horine Center. It is located at the start/finish area. Because it sometimes snows it is nice to be warm. There is a nice fireplace and comfortable chairs but the soup is the star of the aftershow. Hot homemade soup, and some for all, meat and vegan and whatever else. .The prizes are donated by Quest Outdoors and Ken Combs Running Store. I love these stores and am so pleased they are part of this race. Each person receives a wooden medal that is made by a local high school students. There is always extra swag, like buffs to the first 200 that sign up for the 50k of 15 miler. This is worth the sign up.

Local time: 6:14 AM


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