February 8 - 9, 2019

Grandmaster Ultras

Beaver Dam Station, 402 Co Hwy 91, Littlefield, AZ

Littlefield, AZ 100 Miler, 100K, 48hrs, 50 Miler, 50K, 20 Miler, 1/2 Marathon, 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 9, 2019

Welcome Grandmaster Runners!

Welcome to the warm and sunny Arizona strip! Come and enjoy miles of ATV trails and beautiful scenery in the desert.

100 miles and 100k have 48 hours cutoff. 50K and 50 miler runners start on Saturday, they will have 24 hours to finish the race.

Pacers are allowed for 100 miles and 100k after first lap. For any runners over 70 years old, pacers are allowed from the start for all races.


Must be 50+ years old on race day.

Neurun App

Check out our 2021 event on Neurun app!

50K course has 4 parts, 50M course has 5 parts. Each part has Overview, Route and Notes tabs. In Route tab, you can view map and play video which shows you elevation chart and mileage, notes will show up at the location where you need to pay attention. When you play the video, you can also use camera icon to take screenshot of any part of the course.

Download the app from Neurun site:

50 miler course description (2021)

50 miles loop has elevation gain of 2600 feet, minimum elevation is at 1860 feet, max at 2890 feet. 20 miles on rough country road, and 30 miles on ATV trails. No long steep climbs, some parts are sandy, some parts are rocky.
100 miler runners will run this loop twice.

2021 course will be run counterclockwise. After running up 1.7 mils from start, runners will run across Virgin Acres Road, then take County Road 3454, run up to aid station Overlook at mile 4.7, turn right, go about 6.7 miles to reach aid station Junction at mile 11.4, from go 3 miles to aid station Stateline at mile 14.3.

From Stateline, make right turn, run along NV/AZ border for 3+ miles of rolling hills to reach 3 Corners at mile 17.5. Continue running along NV/UT border for 1.2 mile, turn left at mile 18.7, go about 3 miles to Camp Road aid station at mile 21.5.

Follow Terry Bench road for 2.5 miles, turn left at mile 24, go about a mile and half to get back to Camp Road, turn left on Camp Road, aid station will be at mile 27.

Continue on Camp Road for another mile, turn right on Sand Hollow Wash Road for 5 miles back to Stateline aid station at mile 32.5.

From Stateline aid station, turn right, follow the ATV trail along the NV/AZ border for 3.5 miles, turn left, follow sand road for 3 miles to Cross Roads at mile 38.8.
From Cross Roads, turn right, follow ATV trail for 4 miles to Oasis aid station.
From Oasis aid station, 7.4 miles, mostly downhill back to start/finish.

Course link https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/32190013

Course preview: https://bit.ly/3mInW9o

50K course description (2021)

50K course has 21 miles on dirt road, 11 miles on ATV trails. It has elevation gain and loss of 1870 feet, minimum elevation at 1856 feet, and max at 2550 feet. There will be 5 aid stations on the course.

100K will run this course twice.

After 1.7 miles of ATV trail from start, runners will run across Virgin Acres Blvd, follow county road 3454 for 3 miles to Overlook aid station at mile 4.7, turn right, go about 2.3 miles turn left, go half mile, turn right, go 1.7 miles to Junction aid station at mile 9.2.
From Junction, follow the sandy road for 3 miles to Stateline at mile 12, turn right, go about 3.5 roiling hills to 3 corners.
From 3 corners, turn around, 3.5 miles of rolling hills back to Stateline at mile 19.
From Stateline, go straight, continue following ATV trail for 3.3 miles, turn left, follow sandy road for 3 miles to Cross Roads aid station at mile 25.3.
From Cross Roads, go straight for 1 mile and Overlook aid station, then run downhill 4.7 miles back to start/finish line.

Course link https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/32319101

Course preview: https://bit.ly/37ASaaa

Aid Stations

50 miler: mile 1.7 (water only and road crossing), 4.7, 11.4, 14.4, 17.5, 21.5, 27, 32.5, 38.8, and 43

50K: mile 1.7 (water only and road crossing), 4.7, 9.2, 12.2, 15.5, 19, 25.3, 26.3, 29.3 (water only and road crossing)

Cutoff Time

100 miler and 100K: 48 hours, must start 2nd lap no later than 8am on 2/8
50 miler and 50K: 24 hours

3 Corners

3 states' borders, UT, NV and AZ, meet at this spot. Mile 17.5 for 50 miler, and mile 15.5 for 50K.

Refund and Rollover

There will be no refund.

If you cancel 180 days before race day, 100% will be rolled over to the next year race, if you cancel 120 days before race day, 75%, if you cancel 90 days before race day, 50%, if you cancel 60 days before race day, 25%. Within 60 days, no rollover.

Where to stay?

Mesquite Nevada is about 8 miles from race site, here is the list of hotels and casinos


Please see this post.

If you have more questions, please contact us or leave comments at this post.

Local time: 12:22 PM


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