Saturday, Jun 29, 2019

Black Mountain Trail Races

, United States 50K, 25K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 29, 2019

The 2020 events have gone Virtual!

Due to local trail and park closures, the 2020 Black Mountain Trail Races scheduled on June 20th, 2020 have been cancelled. We have decided instead to offer a Virtual Race for this year's event.

A Virtual Race is much like a traditional race, but instead of starting in one place at one time, participants get to choose their own time and location to run the distance for which they are registered. You have the opportunity to use your creative juices to design your own race course! You can choose to run a scenic loop, run your favorite neighborhood roads, pick a point to point route, fire up your treadmill, or choose a combination that sounds fun to you. Pick a day when you can start and finish your race distance all in one 24 period, then get after it!

After you are done with your virtual run, all you have to do is submit evidence of your completion and celebrate your accomplishment!!** And take some pictures along the way-- we’d love to post about you and your accomplishments on our website and on our social media pages. Feel free to tag us on your own social feeds too! Also, take a look below at our prizes for “Best V.R. Creativity”

Instagram: @BlackMountain50K Facebook: #BlackMountain50K

If you are already registered for the cancelled June 20th Black Mountain Trail Races, you just need to notify us by EMAIL by April 30th, 2020 that you want to participate in the Black Mountain Virtual Race. If you haven’t registered yet, you can register for the virtual race on Ultrasignup by clicking the REGISTER button above.

All race registrants will receive a race bib, cool custom race swag that you select when registering on Ultrasignup, and some other goodies. You will also receive an official finish for the 2020 Black Mountain Event upon completion of your race, which will be recorded in the Ultrasignup results. For those participants that chose to receive a “Code to buy 1 Race Photo”, you will still receive a Code, good for purchase of a photo at any future running event associated with our partnered race photographer.

In addition, we will be providing a special prize to one male and one female, awarded for “Best V.R. Creativity.” These prizes will be given based on photos, videos, and data emailed to us by finishers. Show us your best costume, unique running route, or special skills while running!!

You have from June 1st-30th, 2020 to complete your race distance in one day. That means you can lace up your shoes and pin on that bib, anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend, rain or shine, as long as you complete your distance within one 24 hour period! Isn’t Freedom Awesome?! Bib and swag pickup will be scheduled on two days (location and hours TBD) in the last week of May, and other arrangements will be available for non-local runners.

Although your finish time and distance will be officially recorded in the Ultrasignup results, there will be no prize purse, podium or age group awards, or other awards/incentives associated with this year’s cancelled trail races, except for our “Best V.R. Creativity” prizes. **Evidence of completion can include EMAILING an upload from Strava or an alternative GPS tracking app, or a photo of your treadmill or GPS watch stats. It’s an on-your-honor thing, so no setting your treadmill to 12mph and letting it run while sitting on the couch! And, no starting your GPS watch and taking a drive down the freeway! Don’t worry, we trust you :)

Local time: 1:27 AM


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