Saturday, Jan 25, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Rock-On, Lake Perry! Trail Run

7481 74th

Meriden, KS 50K, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 25, 2020

Event Description

10th Annual. Shaded trail run on rocky and hilly trails. 100% single-track trails in hardwood forest. Every hill is runnable. Time limit: 9 hours for 50K and Half-Marathon. A very family-friendly event. World-class Trail Nerds' aid stations and hospitality!
The Half-Marathon is a two-loop course.
The 50K is a 3-loop course.
Note: Starting in 2019, this race moved from the month of May to this date in January.

Shirts / Awards

Nicely-designed long-sleeve event shirts...(if registered by January 9); also a race logo mug.
Unique finisher's hardware:
All finishers get distance-specific finisher medals & oval stickers.
ALL 50K finishers also get a Lake Perry 50K FINISHER trucker cap, IN YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR. This is Ouray brand, choice of 11 colors.
Awards for 1st through 3rd place M/F in all distances.  

INCLUDED: Food / Photos / Beer /Swag / Showers

Race logo coffee mug.
Post-race food (stew).
Free, downloadable Mile 90 Photography photos.
CRAFT KEG BEER, and beverages included.
50K entrants get extra swag, such as Trail Nerds’ cinch bag or other.
Post-race showers will be available near the finish area.

Camping / Lodging / Dining

There are many lodging and dining opportunities within 20 miles from the race.

There is no camping on site this year but showers are available at the race location.

Course / Location

The course is run on the Perry State Park MTB Trails, managed by Lyle Riedy of the Kansas Trails Council.  Part of the entry fee will go to the Friends of the Trails fund, after expenses.  Start / Finish: Branded B Ranch, 7184 74th St, Meriden, KS 66512  Link to Location

Where the Heck is Meriden, Kansas?

It's between Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas; one-hour west of Kansas City Missouri.
It's a 1-hour, 21-minute drive from MCI airport in Kansas City.

Race Fees

50K: $90-----After Dec 24: $100; ----- Race Day: $120

1/2-Marathon: $65----- After Dec 24: $75; -----Race Day: $80

Pacer (50K only) - Signup day of race, only. $0

Canine Pacer - Signup day of race, only. $10

Cut-off Times / Drop Bags

50K Cutoff Time:
The cutoff for the last 50K loop will be 12:30 PM. You must leave the main aid station by that time, or you won’t be allowed to continue.
Half-Marathon Cutoff Time:
If you are caught by the Course Sweep, you will be driven back to the start / finish area. The course sweep leaves the main aid station at 12:30 PM, and follows the last runner / zombie.

Drop Bags:
Drop bags are only allowed for the 50-Kilometer race. At the morning check-in you will be given the opportunity to leave your drop bag at the Main Aid Station area on tables labeled, “Drop Bags”, within sight of the finish line. One pile will be for the Kimberly Road aid station, and one for the Main Aid station. On the two-loop 50K course, you will pass the Kimberly Road aid station a total of two times, and the main aid station, once.
Write your name, and bib number onto each bag. Please pick-up your drop bag(s) after the race, or it will be donated to a needy local runner or recycled.

Passing Etiquette / Headphone Policy

Passing runners on the trail:
There will be plenty of opportunity to pass, prior to entering any trail sections of the race. There might be a "conga line" of runners as you enter the trail. Be patient when you are part of this crowd of runners, as it will disperse soon enough. Don't follow the runner in front of you too closely, since you won't have time to see obstacles, and may trip.

To pass a runner on a narrow, single-track trail: Let them know you are approaching. Yell out, “On your left.” If it is unsafe to pass, be patient, a space will open-up, soon enough. If you are the slower runner, find a spot to step to the right to make it easier for the faster runner to pass you.

Faster Runners:
Be courteous but assertive, consistent, and loud, when passing.

Personal Music WILL BE ALLOWED in this race, but the use of two earbuds or headphones is NOT, for safety reasons. Again…for your own safety, you should only have one ear engaged in your music.
You are not the only runner in this race...tuning-out everybody around you is just RUDE, for the reasons above (of passing on narrow trails). There are multiple race distances happening in this event, and there will be some VERY FAST RUNNERS approaching from behind you at certain points on the trail. Please don't inhibit both of your ears by using both earbuds or headphones to cover your ears, unless you want to be pulled from the race.

Video Race Report

Todd Chandler's Video Race Report:

2019 Photos

2019 Photos

Free to you, downloadable photos by Mile 90 Photography. (Prepaid for).

Weather / Airport

Race Climate/Weather:On January 25, the temperature in Topeka typically ranges from 24°F to 39°F and is rarely below 7°F or above 58°F.

Nearest Airport
Kansas City International Airport, Missouri (MCI) is a short 1-hour & 22-minute drive away.

Event's current local time: 3:34 PM CT


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