Saturday, Apr 24, 2021
Registration Closed Wed. Mar 31, 2021 @ 11:59 PM

2021 Updates

FYI....The entire event will be held at the airstrip where everyone parks. This is 85 plus acres of open land which allow everyone to spread out. Registration/post race picnic/ReVibe race store will all be outside this year. No need to plan any differently. Just park your car and walk a few yards to the event!!!!

Registration Rules

There are NO REFUNDS, NO DEFERRALS, NO BIB SWITCHES, NO BANDITS for this event!!!! No exceptions!!!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are allowing deferrals for this year and this year only. All runners were automatically deferred to April 24, 2021. There will be no registration for the 2021 event since we're already full. Look for 2022 to open May 1st as usual. Happy trails!!!

Spectator Access

Very important....the course is very remote and there are no parking areas whatsoever out there. And the mountain roads are very narrow. The ONLY accessible aid station is Hyner View State Park at mile 4. Please relay this to family and friends.

50K Qualifying Standards

Qualifying standards are in place to ensure both the safety of the runners as well as the consideration of our volunteers on the course. The Hyner 50K is not an entry level course. It is not intended for everyone to be able to participate. If you're worried about cut-offs, then maybe reconsider this event. There are tons of entry level 50K's out there.

Must show one of the following

1. Must have completed the Hyner 25K course in 4.5 hours or less. Or Hyner 50K in under 10 hours. No exceptions.

2. Any 50K in under 9 hours, or any other 25K in under 4 hours.

3. Any trail half marathon in under 3 hours. Examples--Dam Half, Chief Wetona, Hyner Half, the Raven, and others

4. Boulder Beast or Mega in under 8.5 hours.

5. Any other race that shows you can finish in under 10 hours. Road races DO NOT count. Sorry. They have no relevance to trail running in the PA Wilds.

Missed getting into Hyner?

Hey everyone, if you missed getting into the Hyner Challenge this year, check out some of our other great events. The PA Trail Dogs also organize the Sproul 10K at Hyner, the Hyner Half at Hyner, the Boulder Beast in Lock Haven, and the Wilds 25/50K at Little Pine State Park. Registration for all these races are currently open via ultrasignup and expect to fill up quickly this year. More information can be found at See you on the trails soon!!!!

Local time: 1:28 PM


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