Saturday, Dec 21, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Otter Creek

850 Otter Creek Road

Brandenburg, KY Marathon, 16 Miler, 8 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 21, 2019

Cancelled Event


COVID19 Changes

This year will be different due to Covid19. There will not be any race day signup. All registration will be done online and registration ends on 12/12/2020.
Packet pickup will be done the Friday before and I will give more details later. This will limit the crowd on race morning.
The race will start in waves, come with your mask on, you can remove it when you start to run.
The cabins will not be for use this year. You may contact the campground, 502-492-9854, if you want to camp. There are some hotels that are only a few miles away, Golden manor Inn and Suites, 116 South Dixie Hwy, Muldraugh, Ky. 40155, 833-307-1221, is 3 miles away.
Put you mask on as you enter the aid station.
As changes are made for any reason I will let you know. Mead County is not in a red zone and we have been given the ok to have the race. If things change we will roll over your entry to next year.
If you are sick or have a fever, do not come. Thank you!

Otter Creek Course

Otter Creek is a wonderful trail run. you can go 8,16, or 26.2 miles. It is a 3 loop course on a single track trail. There are fully stocked aid stations every 4-5 miles. It has areas of pine needles, which are easy on the feet. You run along the creek, which is the nicest view. and it has some rolling hills to keep you entertained. There is something for everyone. This is a wonderful trail to do for you first marathon or your first trail run. The weather is hard to predict, maybe raining, snow, or sunshine. Come prepared. Being in December it is the perfect race before the holidays. This year you must wear a face mask as you come to the aid station, a buff is perfect! Do not grab for the food, someone will hand it to you.

After Party

Over the last several years we have had a chili cook-off after the race. Hopefully that will resume next year but for 2020 there will not be one. I will have chili and soup that will be served to you. Just like the aid station, wear a mask and stand apart. It maybe different this year but it is the holidays and a great time to celebrate our beautiful community of runners.

Medals and Prizes

Each year are medals have been carved wooden medals made by Elevation Culture. These are simply the best and it makes me happy to give them to you. Prizes will be given to the top 3 male and female in each race.
Long sleeve shirts will be given to everyone!

Local time: 3:51 AM


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