Saturday, Jul 18, 2020 @ 10:30 AM

Mt. A 5K

11 Mt Ashland Ski Rd

Ashland, OR 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 18, 2020

Cancelled Event


Mt. A 5K

July 18, 2020

Race will start 7/18/2020 at 10:30am. Packet pick up beginning at 9:00am in the Mt. Ashland ski lodge.

The Mt. A. 5K is America’s friendliest 5K with hugs at the finish. This monumental 5K starts at the Mt. Ashland lodge and winds its way to the weather ball on top of the mountain. It then takes the road back down to the finish in the parking lot.

Proud to be certified by the record holder for the fastest female 100 mile trail race, ultra marathoner Jenn Shelton.


This is not your typical 5K!

The course begins with an 1,100 foot climb. At the top of the climb, you’ll be greeted by a friendly aid station stocked with water and…… CHALLENGE Cards or TIME Cards. You must pick one of these. Challenge cards are challenges you’ll need to perform such as doing a # of push-ups, playing a game of corn hole, singing a Justin Bieber song, or even going back to the start and beginning all over again (yeah, we’re jerks!)! If you choose not to take the challenge (and seriously, who knows a Justin Bieber song let alone wants to sing it!? We have no problem with climbing the mountain again, but seriously, Justin Bieber?!?!?), then you need to take a time card instead. The time cards are completely random and might INCREASE or DECREASE your time. Who knows what your time will be? It’s a risk! ??

Once you pass the finish line, turn in your challenge or time card with your race bib # for a chance to win one of our AWESOME raffle prizes! If you are the lucky runner to select the “return to start” card AND you actually do it, you’ll automatically win a prize. It’s the least we can do. Really. You’ll have earned it.

This is a serious 5K not to be taken seriously. Have fun! It’s the FRIENDLIEST! :)

For more information contact:

All proceeds donated to Mt. Ashland Association

10K Course

Yes, we thought about making this the 5k course twice, but we're not that big of jerks! 10K route is the same as the 5K with an added out and back to Grouse Gap along NF 20 road. Sure to be a fast few miles! Water aid station at the turn around.



The Mt. A 5K/10K takes the health and well-being of our participants, spectators, and volunteers very seriously. We intend to take every safety precaution possible.

1.Cap the race at 100 participants.

2 We will discourage any person, including runners, at risk for severe illness or with serious underlying medical or respiratory conditions from attending the race. If a participant displays symptoms of COVID-19, a race staff member will ask them to leave the premises, provide the individual with a face covering and help the individual minimize their contact with others before leaving the venue. Immediately disinfect all areas used by the sick patron.

3. We will STRONGLY encourage anyone who has symptoms to stay home!

4. Staying local is still recommended.

Registration Table (potential gathering point)

5. We will require participants to socially distance by standing 6 apart while picking up bibs and require face coverings for both participants and staff/volunteers. Mt. A5K will provide face coverings free of charge to ensure everyone is wearing one.

Additionally, we will not allow any registrations on the same day as the race. Only preregistered runners may participate.

6. Require social distancing of 6 feet between participants and spectators. The parking lot at the top of Mt. Ashland is a wide open space which will be ideal for encouraging social distancing among participants and spectators.

7. We will provide handwashing stations in the bathrooms and hand sanitizer at the bib pick up table/finish line table.

Start of Race (gathering point)

8. Require face coverings (mask, buff, or scarf) at the start of the race

9. Distance participants 6 feet apart

During Race

10. The route is wide and open. The hike up to the top of Mt. Ashland is steep and naturally spaces runners out based on ability. Additionally, there are two options to the top (one on a trail and one straight up the slope). Runners self select the route which further spaces them out. Runners run along the FS road for the rest of the race, which is wide and allows for adequate space between participants.

11. Aid station will remain at the top of Mt. Ashland with First Aid only. No food or water.

12. Runners and participants will bring their own food and water bottles. They will be encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer as well.

End of Race (potential gathering point)

13. No end of race gatherings. No prizes to award and no food or drink provided. Congregating after the race will be discouraged.

14. The Mt. A 5K/10K is known for end of race “challenges.” All props will be discontinued this year. Only “challenges” that comply with socially distancing will be used (hopscotch, jumping jacks, running backwards- no touching of any person or thing).

15. We will assign a sanitation attendant to frequently clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in areas accessed by workers and attendees/participants throughout the race.

* If the situation in Oregon changes and moves back to Phase I, we will cancel the race.

Event's current local time: 1:33 PM PT


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