Saturday, Aug 1, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

The Kinni

W11983 820th Ave.

River Falls, WI 15 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 1, 2020

It's time for something a bit different

Many events, including some of our own, are on a predetermined course. These are all well and good, but wouldn't it be nice to shake it up a bit?

At the Kinni we place four different books at four different locations that you must locate, retrieve the page that matches your bib number and return to the start line with it before continuing to the others.

To add a twist, you decide which order to locate the books. Before the start, maps with the location of the books are given to each participant. One might be a bit further away while one might be relatively close and involve a huge hill. This mix up in distances and terrains lets you play to your strengths and adds that element of urgency for you never know who is coming or going.

Local time: 2:01 AM


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