June 1 - September 30, 2020

Virtual Colorado Trail Challenge

500 Mile Solo, 2-Per Relay 500M, 3-Per Relay 500M, 4-Per Relay 500M

This Event Took Place Wed. Sep 30, 2020


In 1974, the vision of a fully connected trail between Denver and Durango was taking shape. 13 years later, in 1987, the Colorado Trail was completed. Hikers, runners, bikers, equestrians and back country skiers alike can enjoy this year-round gem that reaches heights above timberline of 13,000 feet, and descends through pine needle-covered, shady forest floors. Thru-hikers will ascend (and descend) 90,000 feet as they travel through six different federally protected wilderness areas, six national forests, and dozens of historic mining ghost towns.

Early in the morning of September 3, 2017, ultrarunner Bryan Williams arrived at the northeastern end of the Colorado Trail, at the mouth of Waterton Canyon, on the outskirts of Denver... Just 8 days and 30 minutes after starting his run from the southwestern end of the trail 500 miles away in Durango, Colorado! Bryan's amazing run broke the record previously held by Scott Jaime since 2013, and became the new, FKT (Fastest Known Time) for a supported run on the Colorado Trail.


Bryan's inspiring run is now your virtual challenge for the summer of 2020! Beginning on June 1, you will have until September 3 (the day Bryan finished his run) to virtually cover the distance of the Colorado Trail on foot. That's 95 days to complete 500 miles, or an average of 5.26 miles per day. Sign up to do the distance SOLO, or team up with a partner in a 2-person TEAM RELAY. As you click off the miles and pass milestones and achievements of the Colorado Trail, you'll track your progress on an interactive map and enjoy exclusive content from the thousands of pictures and hours of video Bryan and his crew captured during his FKT run.


  • Short-sleeve, gender-specific, poly-cotton event shirt, with logo on the front, and map of the Colorado Trail on the back.
  • Customized event award (made in the USA!) commemorating your achievement.
  • Free shipping for shirts & awards.
  • Exclusive photos and videos daily from Bryan's FKT run.
  • Special discounts with our sponsors and partners.
  • Training tips, motivation and camaraderie with your fellow runners on social media.
  • A portion of your entry will be donated to our charity partners.
    SOLO = $65
    2-PERSON TEAM RELAY = $130
    3-PERSON TEAM RELAY = $195
    4-PERSON TEAM RELAY = $260


If averaging 5.26 miles per day isn't a big enough challenge for you, we've got a few competitive and fun categories for you overachievers and ultrarunners to take on... And, we'll be adding more, so if you've got a suggestion for something you don't see on this list, let us know!

  • Fastest to complete the 500 mile challenge
  • Most miles covered during the 95-day challenge
  • Most miles in one day
  • Most accumulated vertical feet during the 95-day challenge
  • Most vertical feet in one day
  • Fastest average moving time per mile
  • Most creative relay team names, most creative "route-drawing" (tasteful), and weekly photo contests
  • Special award for anyone who actually completes the Colorado Trail during the 95-day challenge
  • Special award for anyone who does the "out & back" completing 1,000 miles during the challenge
  • Extra (and I mean EXTRA!) special award for anyone who does the "Triple CT" of 1,500 miles during the challenge


  • If you are signed up for other races or virtual events that are being held concurrent with the Virtual Colorado Trail Challenge, (either a one-day or multi-day event), we will allow miles to be applied for both events. So yes, double-dipping is allowed!
  • All miles must be completed between June 1 and September 3. Workouts prior to June 1 and September 1 will not be accepted, no exceptions.
  • Absolutely no logging miles on a bike, car, scooter, tricycle, Big Wheel, or other motorized or non-motorized device. RUNNING/WALKING ONLY!
  • Miles may be run outside, inside on the treadmill, on street/paved routes, or trails. All recorded running/walking miles count.
  • All miles in the solo category must be completed by you, and you alone. Strapping your GPS device to your dog's collar while it runs around in the back yard doesn't count.
  • Miles in the relay category do not need to be allocated equally, and can also be logged together/simultaneously with your teammate.
  • Relay team members do not need to live in the same city/state (have fun with a friend on the other side of the country!)
  • Miles logged will be uploaded manually (on an honor system). If you are looking to compete in any of the categories, then you will need to upload your GPS device activity link for verification.


A portion of every registration will benefit the Colorado Trail Foundation, and support their efforts to preserve and maintain the magnificence of the Colorado Trail for generations to come.

Additionally, registration proceeds will also be donated to the Tunnel to Towers COVID-19 Heroes Fund, which supports healthcare workers and first responders on the frontline of the war against the pandemic.



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Event's current local time: 7:24 AM MT


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